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From December 1st, 2018 the Early Bird Ticket formœrs festival 2019 is available!

There are many good reasons to come to Moers for the Whitsun weekend. High-class international musicians will be playing at the Festivalhall, Downtown, in the park and at various other locations. For four days evolvement, experiment and boundless art will make Moers the venue for the volatile.

People who buy “the early bird” can make a catch on this limited offer. The Early Bird Ticket is available for € 130,- (discounted € 65,-). All prices are made transparent as final prices and come without hidden or additional fees. However, the exact program of mœrs festival 2019 is currently still a secret.


Today mœrs festival received wonderful news from Berlin: The federal government will fund the mœrs festival with a yearly amount of 250.000 € and with 400.000 € for the 50th anniversary edition in 2021. The funding in the amount of 150.000 € limited to three years originally should have ended in 2019. Kerstin Radomski (Christian Democratic Union), member of the appropriations committee and directly elected member of the German parliament for the constituency of Moers as well as her predecessor Siegmund Ehrmann (Social Democratic Party of Germany) were very involved in the obtainment of the federal funding during the last weeks.


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mœrs festival to continue with Isfort


During the latest meeting of the supervisory committee, Moers Kultur Gmbh CEO Claus Arndt has been commissioned unanimously to negotiate with moers festivals current artistic director Tim Isfort about an extension of Isforts contract, expiring by the end of 2019. This proves to Tim Isfort, by now already in preparation for the 48th festival edition next year, that he has found the right way with the past two festivals ...

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I am writing this belated Easter greeting, dear mœrs festival audience, from the air – between stays in Central Africa and India, where preparations are being made for typically “Mœrserish” special projects for Whitsuntide weekend. Right at this moment I am high above wild Kurdistan, heading towards Abu Dhabi, where I’ll then be travelling on to Ahmedabad.

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mœrs festival has been driven by a new vision since its 2017 edition. “We are going to deepen what we started last year,” stated artistic director Tim Isfort, adding: “Our golden thread is playing with the unexpected in the program, which is entirely in line with good old Moers tradition.” The unexpected and as yet unheard are represented for instance by the projects from the “MœrsLab”: configurations of musicians that are assembled especially for the festival, who will conduct final rehearsals in the week before Whitsuntide weekend and finally celebrate world premieres in Moers.

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The first act for Moers - the Trio Dsilton!

The Austrians play energetic arrangements, use specially tuned keyboards and a new invented electric guitar with 31 frets per octave. So we will have to get the grand piano de- and retuned for their performance at mores festival (we love challenges!). Trio Dsiltons repertoire ranges from Early Jazz to serial composition and up to using field recordings from around the world.

As of today it’s official: Moers has a new improviser in residence! As the 11th improviser in residence, Josephine Bode will reside and make music in the city for an entire year. Born in Oldenburg and raised in Münster, Josephine Bode has lived in Amsterdam since taking up her conservatory studies there. Her primary instrument is the recorder, which however exists in many different variations. In addition, Bode is active as an interdisciplinary artist whose work at times encompasses light art and theatrical elements, an approach which has caused her to be christened the “Lady Gaga of the recorder”.

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Liebe PressevertreterInnen, 

drei Tage nach dem 46. moers festival ziehen wir eine erste Bilanz. Trotz der kurzen Vorbereitungszeit von nur sechs Monaten sind Tim Isfort, Claus Arndt und das ganze Team mit dem Verlauf des moers festival 2017 höchst zufrieden. Wie Tim Isfort zu seinem Amtsantritt im Dezember angekündigt hatte, gab es in diesem Jahr unter neuer künstlerischer Leitung und neuer Geschäftsführung einige Änderungen. Darunter waren beispielsweise eine zusätzliche Bühne inmitten des Publikumblocks in der Festivalhalle, ein deutlich erweitertes Angebot an Konzerten und Veranstaltungen außerhalb der Halle sowie die kontroverse Auseinandersetzung mit dem Begriff „Jazz“. 

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opening-hours Festivaldorf

the opening-hours are:

  • Friday, May 18th, 3.00 PM - 1.00 AM
  • Saturday May 19th, 11.00 AM - 1.30 AM
  • Sunday, May 20th, 11.00 AM  - 0.30 AM
  • Montag, May 21st, 11.00  AM - 10.00 PM
  • breakfast from Saturday till Sunday from 7 AM 

The non-food-market stands close 2 hours earlier.

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