Die Britische Band [Ahmed]

Sa, 22nd May
9:10 PM - 9:55 PM



  • Pat Thomas - p
  • Joel Grip - b
  • Antonin Gerbal - dr
  • Seymour Wright - as

[Ahmed] (FR, SE, UK)

What’s on a British bands mind when they name themselves [Ahmed]? What’s the meaning behind the title of double-LP „Super Majnoon“? And the mundane subtitle “East meets west”? But let’s take one thing at a time: The band name is a tribute to the great jazz bass and oud player Ahmed Abdul-Malik (1927-1993) who, as a New Yorker with Sudanese roots, became a pioneer of what was later called “world music”. Abdul-Malik drew lines between American-European and oriental music long before it became in vogue in the 21th century.

The four piece [Ahmed] builds hypnotic, repetitive structures from elements of Abdul-Maliks music that create an enormous drive. “Super majnoon” is the Moroccan term for “totally crazy” and it was the response of Bechir Attar after witnessing a concert of [Ahmed] in Switzerland. Attar is the head of the legendary „Master Musicians of Jajouka“, whose unique telepathic communication was a miracle and lifelong inspiration for Ornette Coleman. … and so the circle is complete.