De Beren Gieren (BE)

Begin: 02.06.2017, 18:33 o'clock

De Beren Gieren (BE)

This trio, founded in 2009, has been hailed as one of the hottest acts on the Belgian jazz scene. With raw energy, radiant melodies and complex structures generated with piano, bass and drums, De Beren Gieren bring to the stage polyrhythmic soundscapes whose unexpected twists and turns keep listeners strapped to their seats in rapt attention. An electro-acoustic approach that weaves spherical worlds of sound shot through with vitality, humour and more than a touch of melancholy. De Beren Gieren are set to release their fourth album, “Dug Out Skyscrapers”, in September 2017.


Fulco Ottervanger – p
Lieven Van Pée – b
Simon Segers – dr 

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