Yegor Zabelov (BY)

Begin: 02.06.2017, 23:13 o'clock

Yegor Zabelov (BY)

"Shen Nü - Die Göttliche" (1934 :: s/w)

These days Yegor Zabelov is the most celebrated accordionist on Belarus’s underground music scene.  His playing, which features vibrant melancholia, passionate expression and vigorous rhythms, is an experimental mix of avant-garde, rock, minimal music and neo-classical elements. Zabelov also composes music for film and theatre.

At moers festival, Yegor Zabelov will be performing a live score on solo accordion for the 1934 silent film classic “Shen Nu” (“The Goddess”). With its socio-critical story of a prostitute who tries everything in her power to secure a better future for her child born out of wedlock, “Shen Nu” is one of China’s best known works from the golden era of silent film.


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