Begin: 21.05.2018, 18:19 o'clock

Siddi Traces

The discovery of isolated music cultures or cultural islands is an pleasantly unexpected event in the YouTube age. The Siddi ethnic group lives in the border region between India and Pakistan, where their ancestors landed as they were shipped from East Africa to India 250 to 300 years ago. The group, nearly 30,000 strong, has maintained their cultural identity to this day through their music and dance traditions.


In Moers, a group of master Siddi musicians will encounter three Indian peers, pianist Sourendro Mullick, vocalist Soumyojit Das and Biswajit Roy on tabla. The assembled guests from the subcontinent will be joined by German sound artist Achim Zepezauer in a Moers Lab experience that promises to be a singular meeting.

line up:

Julia Br├╝ssel: vio, elec

Ludger Schmidt: cello, elec

Sourendro: p, harmonium

Soumyojit: voc

Biswajit: tablas

Achim Zepezauer: electronics