Dorian Wood œ Ensemble CRUSH (US, DE)

Dorian Wood

Dorian Wood is a singer, pianist and composer, but as a practicing performance and visual artist as well his work goes far beyond the purely musical – he presents himself as a total work of art. In his performances and videos, he places the body at the centre of attention, exploring its existential boundary zones. Born in California, the son of Costa Rican parents, Dorian Wood first studied film before devoting himself completely to music. His first live performances took place in L.A.’s gay bar scene. His debut album has been praised by critics as a deft mix of folk, soul, Bulgarian choral music and sound experimentation. The urgent, charming timbre of his voice is deeply moving. Dorian Wood will play a solo night concert featuring his piano and vocals in the Catholic church in downtown Moers. For his performance in the festival hall, he will be joined by members of Ensemble CRUSH. 


Dorian Wood – voc, p 

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Ensemble CRUSH

The members of Ensemble CRUSH hail from five different countries and have all chosen to make their musical home in the Ruhr area. The ensemble was founded in 2013 and has since developed an extensive repertoire featuring works from the 20th and 21st century as well as new pieces composed specifically for their special instrumentation: in Ensemble CRUSH, clarinet, violins, viola, cello and accordion are extended by the use of electronics.


Karin Nakayama – vl
Sungkum Yang – vl
Hugo Smit – vc
Slavi Grigorov – acc
Kyusang Jeong – cl, bcl
Thorsten Töpp – g 

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