Ingrid Laubrock Orchestral Pieces: Vogelfrei / Contemporary Chaos Practices (US, DE)

Begin: 05.06.2017, 16:12 o'clock

Photo: © Frank Schindelbeck

Ingrid Laubrock Orchestral Pieces: Vogelfrei / Contemporary Chaos Practices (US, DE)

German saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock is a cosmopolitan artist: she started out in London, before finally moving to New York, where she is right at home in a scene that is steeped in her ideal of an adventurous, cliché free manifestation of jazz. Her playing is modern in the boldest sense and yet solidly rooted in the tradition. In 2009, Ingrid Laubrock was honoured with the SWR Jazz Award. In addition to her on-going relationship with improvisation, the saxophonist has also increasingly devoted herself to composition.

In 2012, Ingrid Laubrock lived in Moers as Improviser in Residence, where she wrote the composition “Vogelfrei”. This ambitious work for chamber orchestra, soloists and a ten-member choir was performed in New York by Anthony Braxton’s Tri-Centric Orchestra in 2013. The artistic director of moers festival at the time, Reiner Michalke, was in attendance at the concert and set his heart on staging a performance of the piece in Moers – this year this wish will become a reality. “Vogelfrei” will celebrate its German premiere at the 46th edition of moers festival. Ingrid Laubrock has stated the inspiration for “Vogelfrei” came from photographs that she took of electrical contact lines at a German train station: “I love the seemingly infinite combinations of the electrical lines and connections in the air, which are interrupted and at the same time connected by pylons and masts, and I tried to capture something of this texture in my composition,” Laubrock writes. When she returned to Germany for a one year residency in Moers after having spent 23 years abroad she experienced “a feeling of restlessness and yet at the same time deep familiarity”, which the composer says she attempted to reflect in  “Vogelfrei”.

The second work to be performed, bearing the title “Contemporary Chaos Practices”, has been commissioned by moers festival from Ingrid Laubrock. Laubrock’s personal processing of the events of the recent US election form the background for the composition. The composer has described how one particular reaction from the population cheered her up: Apparently a number of sorcerers banded together to cast a spell against the newly elected president. Laubrock started to look into sorcery and encountered the tradition of chaos magic or “contemporary chaos practice”. Chaos magic employs unorthodox methods, emphasises individuality and borrows from various approaches to faith – for Ingrid Laubrock, these are parallels to her method of composing, which is why she chose the title for her piece, without however being a certified sorceress herself. 


“Contemporary Chaos Practices” will be celebrating its world premiere at moers festival. The commissioning of this work from Ingrid Laubrock was made possible through the support of Kunststiftung NRW.


Ingrid Laubrock – sax, comp
Nate Wooley – tr
Kris Davis – p 
Mary Halvorson – git 
Taylor Ho Bynum (2. Dirigent)
Kyoko Kitamura – voc
Kamala Sankaram – voc
Emilie Lesbros – voc  
Adam Matlock – voc  
Chris DiMeglio – voc


EOS Kammerorchester Köln unter der Leitung von Susanne Blumenthal
Katharina Vogt – v, Francesca Freytag – v, Martin Schminke – v, Ani Eade Bitan – v, Olga Hanchar – v, Stefanie Irgang – v, Nina Mrosek – v, Zuzanna Leharova – v, Lydia Haurenherm –va, Till Mengler –va, Pauline Buss – va, Mateusz Kwiatkowski – vc, Tom Verbeke – vc, Soraya Ansari – vc, Dennis Pientak – b, Raina Valeva – b, Levke Hollmer – fl,  Roland Meschede – fl, Tamon Yashima – ob, Raphael Klockenbusch – ob, Blake Westonov – cl, Rebecca Mertel – cl, Kyu Sang Jeong – cl, Ambroise Dojat – bn,  Tomoko Ebmeyer – bn, Susanne Knoop – tp, Adrian Ebmeyer – hn, Chris Brigham – hn, Matthias Schuller – tb, Till Künkler – tb,  Fraser Russel – tuba

Members of Kölner Vokalsolisten
Christiane Rittner, Sopran
Andra Wildgrube, Alto
Leonhard Reso, Tenor
Ferdinand Junghänel, Tenor
Scott Wellstead, Tenor

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