249 years after Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth, the Killing Popes are vomiting their Ego Pills into the hallucinatorily staged moers festival hall.

And we contemporaries are audio-witnesses and test space pilots for a psychedelic time travel, digitally chopped up, rhythmically from outer space, loud, phase-shifted, electro-chilled, head-punk-tought-out and subtle improvised, with tinkering elegant and elliptic maneuvers riding past the sedated scowling viterbic antipopes, that in Aphex-Twin-manner all look like John Zorn, Edgar Froese, Mike Patton, Robert Fripp and Yung Hurn at once, passing Speed junkies, who play decelerated 3D-esque PingPong and bit-precisely subtle convoluting and simmering so that it seems to kill one or the other 16th note.

„Come with us!“ the Futuremusicians are calling from the interstellar frequency range - and Beethoven is sitting with his golden ear trumpet on the  train of the comet „Killing Popes 2061“ that will hit the Lower Rhine on Whitsun - and shines high on pills, happy to hear something again… Yes, hurray - come with us!


Oliver Steidle - dr, compositions (DE)
Frank Möbus – guit (DE)
Dan Nicholls - key (UK)
Philipp Gropper - ts (DE)
Phil Donkin - ba (UK)