John-Dennis Renken TRIBE (DE, AU)

Begin: 03.06.2017, 14:58 o'clock

John-Dennis Renken TRIBE (DE, AU)

Trumpet player and composer John-Dennis Renken, this year’s Improviser in Residence in Moers, has assembled an exclusive ensemble for moers festival. In this electro-acoustic quintet, lyrical, elegiac sheets of sound meet blistering riffs and drum 'n’ bass rhythms. Concise thematic statements contrast with atmospheric sounds and powerful solos. At the centre of it all, improvisation serves as the binding element for the five musicians of the Tribe project.


John-Dennis Renken – tr, electr
Angelika Niescier – asax
Shannon Barnett – tn
Andreas Wahl – g
Bernd Oezsevim – dr

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