Keune/ Lash/ Noble (DE, GB)

Begin: 03.06.2017, 17:02 o'clock

Keune/ Lash/ Noble (DE, GB)

Raw, immediate, focussed: the manifold colours and textures that the trio Keune/Lash/Noble develops arise through a sort of communication bordering on the telepathic. All three are undisputed masters in the field of free improvisation, uncompromising, seasoned, but still continually capable of coming at the music from fresh and surprising angles.

Keune, Lash und Noble founded their trio consisting of saxophone, contrabass and drums in 2013 in London. Stefan Keune hails from the Ruhr area, though he divides his time these days between the dual musical home bases of Amsterdam and London. Dominic Lash emerged from the Oxford Improvisers scene and has played alongside musicians such as Evan Parker and John Butcher, among other notable collaborators. Steve Noble has been among the most important free music drummers around since the 1980s and creates “unheard of” sounds through a unique mix of refined sonic experimentation and highly energetic playing.


Stefan Keune – ssax, asax, tsax
Dominic Lash – kb
Steve Noble – dr