MILLER's TALE – Courvoisier œ Parker œ Mori (US)

Begin: 04.06.2017, 18:32 o'clock

MILLER's TALE – Courvoisier œ Parker œ Mori (US)

With their combined instrumentation of piano, saxophone and electronics, Miller’s Tale create compact, disorienting storms of sound, soft focus underwater worlds or crackling, clanking cicada music that dissolves into calm, etheric ambience.

The trio is comprised of three established, restless individualists. Swiss pianist and composer Sylvie Courvoisier has released over 25 records and written music for radio, ballet and theatre productions. British saxophonist Evan Parker has maintained his prominent position on the international scene since the 1970s, both on his own and in the most diverse configurations. His mastery of circular breathing techniques enables him to play seemingly infinite phrases. Japanese avant-garde musician Ikue Mori has had “a sustained impact on the sound spectrum in the worlds of jazz and pop” (according to Reclam’s jazz encyclopaedia) through her unconventional approach to electronic sound sources.

With Miller’s Tale, these three giants of spontaneous music will come together to present a totally improvised live program on stage. The concert of Miller’s Tale - Courvoisier/Parker/Mori is a European premiere.


Sylvie Courvoisier – p
Evan Parker – sax
Ikue Mori – electr

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