„Radio Kinshasa“ feat. Strombo œ Huguette Huguembo œ Nego Angela œ FM Einheit (CD, DE)

Begin: 04.06.2017, 22:31 o'clock

„Radio Kinshasa“ feat. Bebson de la Rue œ Strombo œ Huguette Huguembo œ FM Einheit (CD, DE)

Strombo is an expressive singer and performer, trained at the city’s Fine Arts Academy (Académie des Beaux-Arts de Kinshasa), who makes his living as a musician and artist.

Huguette Huguembo lives percussion. She celebrates the art of drumming on various instruments, collecting traditional rhythms in various regions of the Congo. She embodies the sparkling, rhythmic part of the project. With Nego Angela, she has an extraordinary African drummer at her side, who also plays madimba and sings at the same time. The interplay between the two gives rise to complex polyrhythmic layers and shifting patterns, whose overall effect however comes across as disarmingly simple and musical at the same time.

Musician and composer FM Einheit builds his own self-designed instruments, which he expands with explorations into experimental electronics. FM Einheit will be bringing along an additional musical collaborator for this project, one who had not yet been 100% determined at the time of this writing. 

In Moers, these artists will meet one another for the first time and rehearse together for several days. We are excited to tune in soon to “Radio Kinshasa”!


Strombo - selfmade instruments
Huguette Huguembo - Tam Tams, perc
Nego Angela - dr, Madimba
FM Einheit - Metallfedern, Steine, electr