Rubatong (NL)

Begin: 04.06.2017, 17:04 o'clock

Rubatong (NL)

The Dutch quartet Rubatong consists of an improvising acoustic bassist with punk roots, a vibraphonist/percussionist who is at home in the world of contemporary classical music, a blues guitarist who is fond of mixing rock and hip-hop and a singer who develops lyrics in English, Dutch, French or Imaginary German from raw, guttural noises. Together, their music is at times slow, moving and flowing, and at others filthy, loud and heavy. Contemporary blues that remains refreshingly free of clichés while slanting gently towards jazz.

The performance at moers festival will be Rubatong’s first concert in Germany.  


Tatiana Koleva – vib, perc
René van Barneveld – g
Luc Ex – ab
Han Buhrs – voc 

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