moers sessions #1

Moers Sessions
Begin: 02.06.2017, 23:45 o'clock

moers sessions

There’s no sound in the room yet, at least two musicians take the stage...what’s going to happen?

For someone who loves music as perhaps the most immediate form of communication, this is as gripping as trainspotting… How does the first chord sound, how does the response take shape, how does the story go on?

Here “listening” is more crucial than “playing”, and that’s why the audience has a vital role in the proceedings.

At all of the sessions that I have had the pleasure of experiencing in recent years (and before that) in Moers, it was above all the audience that represented the difference between Moers and a ton of other sessions. 

The participants come here for the open ears, the audience for the music...that’s the deal.