Be Irving (Be)

The band Be Irving combines acoustic instruments with laptops and samplers, while lush layers of singing float above it all. The trio members have chosen to situate themselves musically somewhere in a no man’s land between Damon Albarn, Beach House and Sparklehorse. The three young Belgians have invented their own character, Irving, whose painted face is featured both on stage and in band photos and whose story they immortalise in their songs.


Admission to this event is free of charge. We ask however that you have understanding for the fact that the number of seats is limited.



Frederik De Clercq – voc,  keys, electr
Nathan Van Kersavond – b
David Robbrecht - git, bvoc

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Moers Sessions



21:00 o'clock

14:03 - 14:48 o'clock

(Subject to change.)