Heavy and noisy guitar sounds, feedback that sounds like a foundry, sludgy stoner riffs and spaced out electronic sounds. The guitar playing of band leader Sebastian Müller can be seen as a reference to two departed heroes from differing camps: Coltrane vs. Cobain. Add to that the psychoactive stereo interplay of two drummers and intricate bass riffs for a combination that levitates listeners only to pin them to the ground at two times normal gravity. An inside tip for all those who are into psychedelic heaviness and are not frightened by the prospect of the apocalypse.

At moers festival CPGJ will be joined by a special guest, Italian bass virtuoso Daniele Camarda. His nomadic lifestyle has exposed him to music cultures and musicians all around the world, influences that he has gone on to incorporate in his own compositions.  Camarda’s main instrument is the 6-string electric bass, which is further expanded by his work with prepared bass and electronics.


Admission to this event requires a ticket and the number of seats is limited. Please understand that festivalgoers in possession of a festival or day pass will be admitted with priority up until 15 minutes prior to the start of the concert. If there is still adequate space in the venue 15 minutes before the concert is to start, remaining tickets will be available for purchase at the venue ticket counter for 10€ (5€ reduced rate).


Sebastian Müller – g
Leonhard Huhn – sax, voc      
Daniele Camarda – b    
Rafael Calman – dr          
Nils Tegen – dr