Frank Stanzl (DE) (Innenstadt, Stadtkirche)

Frank Stanzl places the organ in a completely new light, revealing its potential as a pure sound generator. His compositions are electrifying, at times fragmentary, occasionally unsettling, frequently pulsating and incredibly virtuosic, then contemplative and stripped-down. Extended symbiotically through the use of computer-generated input, a unique world of sound takes shape, one far removed from the dusty image of the church organ.  In the scope of a night concert at Moers parish church, Stanzl will present a selection of his compositions, including “Schöpfungsrelikte” for organ and electronics and “not really minimal” for solo organ. 


Admission to this event requires a ticket and the number of seats is limited. Please understand that festivalgoers in possession of a festival or day pass will be admitted with priority up until 15 minutes prior to the start of the concert. If there is still adequate space in the venue 15 minutes before the concert is to start, remaining tickets will be available for purchase at the venue ticket counter for 10€ (5€ reduced rate).


Frank Stanzl – org, electr

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