Liedermachermassaker goes moers festival (DE)

Songsmiths gather to pass the mic in Moers’ City Park and they know just how to capture their audience’s hearts with wisdom, poetry, politics, the mundane and the extremely mundane. The East of Germany is represented just as strongly as the West, and even many a troubadour who left home here to go serenade the wider world is returning to Moers ruefully and rheumaticy for the express purpose of joining the massacre. Punk, trash and rock ’n’ roll will be played on acoustic guitars and pianos, and balladry and story telling à la Dylan will get its due too, all featuring lyrics ranging from the critical to the melancholy to the light-hearted.


Admission to this event is free of charge. We ask however that you have understanding for the fact that the number of seats is limited.



Bene Belter – voc, g, p
Max Pohl – voc, g
Frey: Malte Dijksma – voc, g
Bassfeld&Moll:  Thorsten Baßfeld – voc, g, kazoo, Hanne Moll – voc
Zwakkelmann: Schlaffke Wolff – voc, eg
Martin Marzipano: Martin Splitthoff – voc, g
Der Papst, sein Porsche und seine Frau: Hans F. – voc, p
Granatum Liberal: Florian Streier – voc,  Muratino Cakmaz – ney, Ivano Snegur – g
Toszi: Tomas Szigeti – voc, g  
René Dombrowski – voc, g
When Jester Rules: Christoph Then, voc, g, loop
Piratos Punk: Chris Lauer – voc, g
Michel B. – voc, g 




Moers Sessions



(Subject to change.)