Cocaine Piss (BE)

Begin: 04.06.2017, 21:00 o'clock
Die Röhre

Cocaine Piss feat. Mette Rasmussen (BE, DK)

Cocaine Piss

Three gaunt dudes hidden behind long locks play pissed-off, high-energy crust punk, from which emerges the high-pitched snotty riot grrrl voice of Aurélie Poppins. Liège’s Cocaine Piss have set their sights high: the band recorded their latest album with Steve Albini, known for his work with the Pixies, Nirvana, PJ Harvey and Iggy & The Stooges among others. The band refers to the way they pound away at their shell-shocked audiences with massive bursts of energy as a “glittershitstorm”. Punk’s not dead.


Aurélie Poppins – voc
Mathias Estelles Y Carrion – g
Julien Diels – b
Yannick Tönnes – dr

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Mette Rasmussen

Honking noise at the piercing volume of a foghorn, cheeping, squeaking and roaring – just some of the sounds that Mette Rasmussen is capable of coaxing from her instrument. The Danish saxophonist lives in Norway and works with the natural rawness of the alto saxophone, she exhausts its sonic possibilities, explores and experiments. Mette Rasmussen’s controlled eruptions are rich in ideas and the product of her adept combination of a broad range of techniques with the expressive energy of free jazz.


Mette Rasmussen – asax 

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The collaborative performance between the band Cocaine Piss and saxophonist Mette Rasmussen was initiated by moers festival. The musicians have never played together previously in this configuration. Witnessing this experimental encounter will be a singular experience.