KUF build their music around the vocals and yet they don’t even have a singer with them on stage. The vocal elements are based on samples that keyboard player Tom Schneider plays and manipulates in real time like an instrument. Along with keys, bass and drums, the disembodied voices are placed inside a pulsing world of raw soul, dirty funk and pumping R&B, which the trio subverts and expands repeatedly in improvised passages. The grooves for their part obey the rough and ready aesthetic of club-friendly cut-up techno.

Admission to this event requires a ticket and the number of seats is limited. Please understand that festivalgoers in possession of a festival or day pass will be admitted with priority up until 15 minutes prior to the start of the concert. If there is still adequate space in the venue 15 minutes before the concert is to start, remaining tickets will be available for purchase at the venue ticket counter for 10€ (5€ reduced rate).


Tom Schneider – samp, synth
Valentin Link – kb, synthb
Hendrik Havekost – dr

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