Satanique Samba Trio (BR) (Innenstadt, Schlosstheater)

Whoever upon hearing the band name Satanique Samba Trio instantly pictures three musicians gets two more right on top of that as a bonus. Armed with guitar, bass, drums, bass clarinet and cavaquinho, this quintet from Brasília creates an infernal version of Brazilian music. Founded in 2002, the group has devoted itself to the deconstruction of the various clichés found in traditional Brazilian music styles: samba, forró, bossa nova and lambada are implied, reinterpreted, pushed to their limits and rendered unfamiliar. Satanic is above all an apt description of the look cultivated by the musicians, cloaked as is their custom in black cowls – with their less satanic, but all the more humorous and original sound, they aim to introduce a new style to the musical landscape of Brazil.


Admission to this event is free of charge. We ask however that you have understanding for the fact that the number of seats is limited.



Munha da 7 – eb
Gustavo “Don Chavez” Elias – ag
Jota Dale – cav
Lucas “Sombrio” Muniz – bcl
Lupa Marques – dr 

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