Stadtgespräch (D)

Stadtgespräch is an eight-member ensemble made up of students from Cologne’s Conservatory of Music. The group’s repertoire consists of compositions from trumpet player Pascal Hahn, who combines the world of the classic jazz combo with that of the Romantic string quartet. The band is the most recent recipient of the jazz grant jazz@undesigned2016, sponsored by the Werner Richard-Dr. Carl Dörken Stiftung, whose generous support has also made their performance at moers festival 2017 possible. 


Admission to this event is free of charge. We ask however that you have understanding for the fact that the number of seats is limited.



Pascal Hahn – tr
Johanna Risse – vl  
Johanna Hoppstock – vl  
Pauline Buss – va
Katharina Pannes – vc
Martin Klein – p
Malte Viebahn – b
Lukas Schäfer – dr