West-Östliche Saiten-Dialoge (DE)

Begin: 02.06.2017, 19:30 o'clock
Aula des Gymnasium Adolfinum

West-Östliche Saiten-Dialoge (DE)

Five string instruments from different cultures, from Central Europe to India, enter into a musical dialogue, supported rhythmically by a percussionist. Whether Indian raga, Persian dastgah  Arabic maqamat, Turkish makamlar or modal jazz – this unique grouping explores the differences and great similarities between these musical systems equally. Diversity in sound and technique and the richness of different music cultures allow the listener to dive deeply into familiar and unfamiliar sound worlds alike. The project West-Eastern String Dialogues is supported by the NRW Department of Culture in the framework of their program “Das 3. Ohr –Musikkulturen” (“The 3rd Ear – Music Cultures”). 


Admission to this event is free of charge. We ask however that you have understanding for the fact that the number of seats is limited.


Imran Kahn – sitar 
Kioomars Musayyebi – santur 
Sahbi Amara – oud 
Andreas Heuser – g, vl 
Jens Pollheide – b 
Fethi Ak – perc