This Year’s Line-Up!

Eagerly anticipated and now released: This afternoon we presented the main programme for the upcoming festival at the press conference.

Detailed information about the programme, plus photos of all artistes and/or bands performing at the festival hall in Moers on the Whitsun weekeend from May 22nd to May 25th 2015 can be found at our website.

The programme can be found here.


Chat link to programme press conference

Today the programme of this year's moers festival will be presented: our press conference is to take place today at midday.

Live-audio-stream and Chat


2015 programme release - press conference

Next week Thursday, March 5th, 12 am, we will present the main programme for this year's moers festival at the press conference in Moers. There will be a live audio stream on our website for all those who cannot be present in person. As of 12 am, you can join the press conference and ask questions during the live chat right here. Exciting artists, you will see!

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moers festival poster 2015

This year's poster theme: A cheeky mouse, peeping around the corner. It’s part of a large mural which was created in June 2013 as part of the George Town Festival on the island of Penang, Malaysia. The mouse ridicules a large orange-coloured cat which a Malay street artist uses to call for the protection of stray animals. The creator of the mouse, which is partly hiding in the shade, remains unknown.

Download the moers festival poster 2015 here. The current newsletter with concert dates for the 'Improviser in Residence' and the program release date can be found here.


Hayden Chisholm will be ’Improviser in Residence’ in Moers 2015

We are pleased to announce Hayden Chisholm as the 2015 ’Improviser in Residence’. Born 1975 in New Zealand, the profiled saxophone and clarinet player as well as composer will take over this task from Julia Hülsmann in Moers. The Hello/Goodbye concert on January 14th 2015 at the Festivalhalle Moers marks the handover with both improvisers present who have previously performed together at the moers festival 2014.

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Early-Bird-Ticket 2015

We will offer Early Bird tickets again for the 2015 moers festival, ticket sale will start today at midnight. The Early Bird ticket is valid on all four days of the 44th moers festival from May 22nd to May 25th 2015 (Pentecost weekend). Early Bird ticket: 98 euros incl. all fees (pre-sale ticket: 108 euros excl. fees; regular ticket: 120 euros).
Reduced Early Bird tickets: 50 euros incl. fees, also available as of December 1st (note: valid photo ID and concession card are required as proof upon entry on festival day(s)).

The first 100 orders will come with a free set of eight postcards with photographs from the series "Behind the Scenes 2014". The ticket shop is here.

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Early-Bird-Ticket 2015

We will offer Early Bird tickets again for the 2015 moers festival, ticket sale starts Dec. 1st! The Early Bird ticket is valid on all four days of the 44th moers festival from May 22nd to May 25th 2015 (Pentecost weekend). Early Bird ticket: 98 euros incl. all fees (pre-sale ticket: 108 euros excl. fees; regular ticket: 120 euros). Reduced Early Bird tickets: 50 euros incl. fees, also available as of December 1st (note: valid photo ID and concession card are required as proof upon entry on festival day(s)).  

The first 100 orders will come with a free set of eight postcards with photographs from the series "Behind the Scenes 2014". The ticket shop is here.

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moers festival on German TV

The German TV station WDR documented last summer’s festival and its premiere at the new festival hall. This cinematic review of the Moers Festival 2014 was recently aired on WDR TV in the TV show "Jazzline". The 45-minute documentary focusses on concert highlights from the new festival hall, complimented by interviews and artists‘ portaits.

The video can be found at the WDR-Mediathek.


Shortcut 2014

The "short cut" of  this year's moers festival – a 35 minute retrospective featuring excerpts from (almost) all the concerts and some interviews – has been compiled from the recordings made by Cologne's Academy of Media Arts and is now ready for viewing. Click here to see "moers festival 2014, the short cut"! 

Our website also features the "short cuts" from 2009 – 2013, while ARTE Live Web will let you watch (almost) all the concerts from the first three days of the festival in their entirety. Click here for the latest newsletter containing this and other information.


parking tickets – good news

After intensive discussions between the city of Moers and Moers Kultur GmbH the city of Moers agreed to withdraw the parking fines due to the contradictory information about parking in the vicinity of the moers festival. However, this is only applicable for parking tickets issued during the moers festival for parking in “no stopping” zones along Filder Straße and Venloer Straße.

Payments will automatically be reimbursed. We would like to thank the city of Moers for their goodwill. We’d also like to inform our future visitors that these concessions cannot be expected next year. During moers festival 2015 visitors should pay attention to the parking signs.


Statements about the festival hall

Jan Ole Otnæs (Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo)

“Good sound, good view, nice atmosphere. And really focussed on the music. The hall works with both loud stuff and more acoustic things. Great!”

Xavier Lemettre (Festival Banlieues Bleues, Paris)

“I like the intimacy of the hall despite it being big enough to seat 2,000 people. Funnily enough, the effect it had on me once I was inside was almost the opposite of the effect it had on me from the outside. The sound is not bad at all, though some frequencies need improvement. I really think this installment is a great idea and has been very well done. All in all, it works!”

Fabien Simon (Météo, Mulhouse Music Festival) 

“The new room seemed really good to me, with great sound more than adequate and a good view of the stage regardless of where we were placed. It was extremely hot and air conditioning would have been appreciated, but otherwise everything just seemed perfect. The audience was just amazing, I have rarely seen so many people with such enthusiasm for this kind of music.”

Juhamatti Kauppinen (Tampere Jazz Happening)

“The atmosphere in the hall is great, one of the best concert halls for this purpose I've been. Everything seems to work, enough toilets & service points, no lines.”

Huub van Riel (Bimhuis, Amsterdam)

“It was great to experience the new hall. The informality,  and call it -why not- intimacy of the tent, the sound and sight lines of a fine concert hall. The festival feel.. Congratulations!”

Nod Knowles (Nod Knowles Productions, Bath)

“The Festival Hall is a terrific size for an audience to get close up to the artists on stage. (not too big, not too small). Most festivals and promoters would be very envious of any organisation that had the security of its own venue. It’s an excellent move for Moers - congratulations!”

Wim Wabbes (Handelsbeurs Concertzaal, Gent) 

„I was amazed by how well the hall sounded. It has an intimated feel. Even in the back of the hall you still seem close to the stage, and can sense the atmosphere. To me it felt much better than the tent. I know the tent has this romantic feel about it - but it is a music festival with not always obvious music that requires an effort from the audience. And that was way much better in the new hall. Every detail was heard, the music came across much more easily.”

Andreas Lessenich (Jazzclub Krefeld)

“Congratulations on the new hall, which in my opinion is a huge improvement on the big top, finally allowing you to create a proper concert atmosphere undisturbed by any noise from outside. Quiet concerts like the Joey Baron performance would have been unthinkable in previous years! Congratulations again on a masterful tour de force!"  

Peter Henseleit alias Dr. Borg (Nozart Festival, Cologne)

"Good, transparent sound, an unimpeded view of the stage from everywhere in the hall, competent service, all in all an atmosphere that concentrates on the essentials – our music."   

Fritz Schmücker (Jazzfestival Münster)

"The music benefits enormously from the new festival hall. Both the sound and the audience's ability to concentrate on it have improved massively in comparison to the situation in the tent. The atmosphere, overall experience and stuff going on outside could do with some work, but the first year of the festival rescue plan showed that the hall really does work. And after all, the music is what it's about and the rest can follow in its own good time. All the best for the future!"


First press quotes 2014

After the Circus, Rehousing a Legacy at Moers Festival

The Moers Festival, humbly founded in 1972 by bassist Peter Kowald and saxophonist Peter Brötzmann, and taken into its legendary early period by long-running director Burkhard Hennen, has come to represent jazz’s edge, one of the seminal festivals with a left-field leaning and crusading zeal. "They say Brooklyn is a cool place,” Sinton told the packed crowd, tongue only half in cheek, “but right now, Moers is the coolest fucking place in the world.”

In the past several years, the festival’s legacy at Moers, in the beautiful North-Rhine Westfalia region of Germany, has been renewed and rejuvenated by director Reiner Michalke, who put together a wondrously balanced program for this 43rd annual fest, a year which will be marked by its new venue home.

After years spent in the transitory quarters of Europe’s largest circus tent, forces and funding were marshaled to create a new hall just in time for this year’s fest. Built inside the shell of a vast tennis hall, the venue is a jewel, blessed with crisp sound, warm ambience and democratic sightlines, and marked by legends’ quotes on the support pillars.

(Joe Woodard,, July 2014)

New Hall, New Opportunities – the Moers Festival 2014

From October 2013 to immediately before admission to the first concert of the 2014 Moers Festival, the dilapidated tennis hall was converted into one of the most beautiful festival halls in Germany, with a capacity of approximately 2,000 listeners. The audience benefited from this as much as the organizers and the music itself. The acoustics is brilliant, there is much less discomfort and fluctuation in the hall than in the tent, and things can be performed in the former that were simply impossible in the latter.

Yet even the best venue would be no good without the corresponding programme. The new creative freedom made possible by the renovated hall seems to have inspired festival director Reiner Michalke to invite even more multi-faceted, nuanced and challenging groups than before. Of course he is under the obligation to continue the existing experimental spirit that has over the years made the Moers Festival one of the most important landmarks of each season. And he has stuck to his guns by continuing to pursue his concept of a combination of existing scene greats and projects of his own design. (…)

With this mixture of retrospective and perspective, the Moers Festival managed an astonishing reload. And more: it dispelled fears that with the new hall the old spirit of experimentation would be lost. 2014 sounded more like embarkation than truncation.

(Wolf Kampmann,, July 2014)



The tent is dead. Long live the tent! For the first time since 1987, the Moers Festival, held in the bucolic city 40 kilometers north of Düsseldorf, did not take place in what had been claimed to be the largest circus tent in all of Europe. A long-term investment in the festival was made in the form of repurposing an old tennis hall and if some of the sense of spectacle was missing, the sound and sightlines were better and actual bathroom facilities must have been a welcome change from years past.

What didn’t change was an eclectic program of 20 concerts plus late-night performers across the festival’s four days (Jun. 6th-9th), full of ambitious projects of varying degrees of success and full audiences whose attention spans were remarkable across widely disparate ensembles.

(Andrey Henkin, The New York City Jazz Record, July 2014)


Moers Festival

The festival programme provided everything that was needed to afford new listening experiences of the usual high quality in the brand new setting of the festival hall. Though it was hot in there, to say the least, the natural swimming pool next door offered the perfect opportunity to cool down. This holiday feeling added a certain lightness that did wonders in the face of so much musical weight. Sebastian Gramss' Bassmasse, made up of just under 50 double-bassists, turned out to be less about power and impact than the creation of an extremely sophisticated ambience of subtle sound poetry. Moers veteran Fred Frith's band Gravity stunned the audience with a shimmering ocean of musical adventure and moving melodies that highlighted the composition skills of the guitar genius. (...) A total of 12,000 visitors in four days shows the level of acceptance the festival in its new format already enjoys – acceptance guaranteed not least by the continuity of the musical programme.

(Stefan Pieper, Jazzthetik, July 2014)


Veteranerna glänste på 43:e upplagan av Moers Jazz Festival

Men visst blev det en festival även i år, och - efter att tidigare ha alternerat mellan att äga rum utomhus och i tält - för första gången i en nybyggd festivalhall. Visserligen utan luftkonditionering (vilket fick temperaturen att glida upp mot 37 grader), men med utmärkt ljud och bra sikt från alla 2000 sittplatser i hallen. I ett som vanligt brett upplagt program under fyra dagar, förstärkt med morgon- och nattsessioner med improviserad musik på andra håll i staden, var det bland alla duokonstellationer och storband (från Frankrike, Israel, Finland och Brasilien) knappast oväntat de redan kända namnen som var den stora behållningen.

(Peter Bornemar,, 24.06.2014)


Great changes, new beginnings, stable future

This year the festival had to relocate to a hall to a new place on the periphery of the city, and make a new start with this year's 19 main acts spread over four days and nights. Those 19 main acts were augmented by daily sessions starting at 11:00 in the morning, night sessions starting after midnight and special concerts in the dark. The morning sessions brought together festival artists, musicians from the region and other guest musicians. This year's edition was a big challenge due to the relocation of the festival activities and the task to resettle everything, establish the new surroundings and make everything work. (…) It will hitherto have become clear that the Moers Festival possesses both remarkable spirit and programming. The programming is not just diverse but full of stark contrasts, an underlying cohesion and well-balanced pan-European and all-American representation. It is characterized by musical abundance, not overkill—a festival with a curious, highly receptive and loyal audience which considers it as "their" festival.

(Henning Bolte,, 23.06.2014)


Post-modern improvisation nostalgia

Firstly and most importantly, the hall, which holds around 1,800 people, came through its baptism of fire with honours. There's a good view of the stage from all around, and the acoustics are good to excellent, except in the upper tiers, where the music occasionally sounds a little shrill. The Dutch drummer Han Bennik deemed the stage to be "very musical" – and heaven knows his performance certainly put it to the test. The 72-year old enfant terrible never stopped moving around, even checking out the acoustic qualities of the floorboards. Far from being overshadowed by Bennik's playing, his spunky accomplice, the 31-year old pianist Oscar Jan Hoogland, displayed the necessary stubbornness to develop his own structures, either by introducing Thelonious Monk compositions into the mix or creating strange electronic sound collages on the keyboard.

(Andreas Felber,, 22.06.2014)

A paradisiacal concert hall

Moers, Whitsun 2014: Four days of sunshine, four days of improvised music. Four days of fun, four days of enjoyment - of unusual sounds, surprising, occasionally mind-blowing performances and inspiring, sometimes moving collaborative music making. Four days in which appearances by musicians such as Han Bennink, Fred Frith, the Sun Ra Arkestra and Arto Lindsay not only paid tribute to 42 years of festival history but rang in a new era in Moers. An era in which a former tennis hall converted to take account of the requirements of the music has automatically restored the music to the centre of the event. Reiner Michalke, artistic director of the festival, could not have been more relieved: "After a long journey and a long search I now feel as if I've finally arrived". With satisfaction, Michalke also pointed out the opportunities that the acoustics and visibility in the new hall offer. [...] The artistic director once described the moers festival as a "state of paradise" because the musicians meet audiences "who want to be surprised. It's always fascinating to see how much actually works." The new concert hall, which shifts the focus back onto the music, enables Michalke to extend the range of things that actually work here even further. Paradise is set to grow. (Stefan Hentz, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 13.06.2014)


New hall survives baptism of fire

Just to make one thing clear, by drastically reducing the craft stalls and the camping area which for decades made the Schlosspark a well-frequented carnival of the subcultures, the moers festival has sacrificed much of its charm. There's room for improvement too in the outside area around the festival hall, which the organisers need to sort out urgently. However, the venue itself, which seats just under 2000 people, is distinguished by crystal clear acoustics which created an almost club-like atmosphere despite the hall being sold out - and which enabled festival director Rainer Michalke to integrate quiet, intimate performances into the programme which the acoustics in the circus tent would never have permitted. (Michael Klein, Münsterland Zeitung, 12.06.2014)


Powerful, flamboyant and sophisticated

It has been held in the courtyard of a castle, the park surrounding a castle, an ice rink and a circus tent, and now the moers festival has a festival hall of its own. Artistic director Reiner Michalke is convinced that the internationally renowned event has found a home for many years to come. The first of the four days of the festival began with a bang – musically speaking - as Rodrigo Lopez Klingenfuß managed to get and keep 44 double bassists on the same page.  (Martin Woltersdorf, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 11.06.2014)


Moers jazz festival

This year's moers festival was spatially compact and musically dense and started with a mass rally in the form of Sebastian Gramss' "Bassmasse". The 50 assembled double bassists inspired awe and astonishment with the uniquely complex and varied sounds they managed to produce. The brand new venue in which this spectacle took place seats 2,000 people and offers excellent acoustics and a clear view of the stage from everywhere in the house. Almost every concert was sold out. Reiner Michalke, artistic director of the festival, expressed his delight at the success of the new location. "This hall opens up new artistic options. That is a gift." (Rainer Schmidt, Neue Westfälische, 10.06.2014)


A festival of contrasts

Moers has always been a festival of - often stark - contrasts, but the gulf between tradition and innovation has never been as wide as it was this year. Not musically speaking – God forbid, there were no complaints on that front this Whitsun. It was the glaring contrast between inside and outside at the new location which, after many years in the sweeping Schlosspark, bothered an unexpectedly high number – over 12,000 to be precise – of jazz fans. The unanimous opinion of Moers veterans young and old is that the brand new festival hall is as homely as the partied-out old circus tent, but blessed with much better acoustics, something put to clever use by programme director Reiner Michalke. It benefits everyone involved. [...] The verdict after four days: a convincing programme, a great venue but a site with room for improvement. (Sven Thielmann, Der Westen, 10.06.2014)


Moers Festival: a top name

It would be nice if the arguments surrounding the festival could finally cease and if the focus could return to the music and to the encounters the festival offers, rather than the number of stalls present and what they're selling. However, it appears that that is not to be.

The Moers Festival  is an internationally significant event which is worthy of funding, as the financial involvement of the federal and regional governments show. The decision to provide this funding was – at least on a national level – taken on the basis of a broad cross-party consensus. What a pity that the same consensus doesn’t seem to be achievable in Moers, where festival critic and mayoral candidate for the CDU Christoph Fleischhauer rejected the opportunity to make his peace with the festival despite being invited to the Lord Mayor's reception.  (Gabi Gies, WAZ, 10.06.2014)


Moers celebrates the team that rescued its festival

All the fears that the festival hall and the new site would fail to find acceptance must surely have dissolved this hot Whit weekend. Whether they were driven by curiosity or genuine interest, visitors, music fans and experts turned up in large numbers from the first day onwards. The premiere in the new venue was a success, and the organisers of the festival were rewarded of audiences of between 1600 and 2300 every day. The concert hall turned out to be a gem, from its stylish interior to its outstanding acoustics. There was much praise for those who oversaw its construction. Hardly surprising, then, that at the Lord Mayor's reception on Sunday festival director Reiner Michalke was able to mingle relaxedly with the town's political elite in the elegant foyer imaginatively decorated by Birgit Angele. (Anja Katzke, Rheinische Post, 10.06.2014)


Fred Frith and Paal Nilssen-Love Go To The Max at Moers

The presence of camera crews from the pioneering Franco-German television channel Arte, live-streaming each concert of the four day event and interviewing artists as soon as they come off-stage, is a sign of the stature of the Moers festival. Yet one might also point to the absence of the word jazz in its billing, possibly because its 43 year history makes it redundant, possibly because genre is not, and perhaps never was, the raison d’etre. Indeed the openness in the programme is best encapsulated in the first night, where the contrasts between the four artists on the bill could not be greater. (Kevin Le Gendre, Jazzwise Magazine, 10.06.2014)


Mixing genres and generations – the Moers Festival shows how it's done

Genres no longer exist – a thought that only those who have to manage, describe or sell art, literature or music can find disturbing. Observers, readers and listeners, on the other hand, are likely actually to benefit from the dissolution of the genres. Since it was founded in 1972, the festival in Moers has carried out numerous daring experiments and, eight years ago, appropriately deleted the "New Jazz" tag from its name. The Moers Festival invites visitors both loyal and new to an exciting odyssey into the border regions of the musical cosmos, where terms such as free jazz, new music, electronic and post-rock lose their meanings or gain new ones. (Wolfgang Cziesla, Revierpassagen, 10.06.2014)


Sun, sound and sessions - the 43rd Moers Festival, a festival of superlatives

Reiner Michalke, the musical director of the festival, said in advance that the star of this year's event would be the new festival hall. And yes, Moers does have a new star, a converted building that isn't much to look at from the outside but which is a gem on the inside, enabling the venue to set new international standards. The sound is crystal clear, on a par with a recording studio, the view of the stage is fantastic from wherever you're sitting, and the place is just dripping with atmosphere. Moreover, and this is important nowadays, it complies with all the relevant safety standards, has an attractive foyer and ample toilets.  Visitors and musicians alike felt right at home from the start, fully embracing the hall and the new site. Yes, the festival has arrived. Not that it ever stops moving, musically or location-wise... (Klaus Denzer, Lokalkompass, 10.06.2014)


Moers Festival – Something Completely Different

This year, a new location was found in a converted tennis hall where the acoustics were noticably much better than inside the previous tent, so we hear from the experts. The festival does not only attract many hundreds of free jazz and improvised music lovers, additional visitors are attracted by the large adjoining hippie market just outside the festival grounds which could be visited without an entry ticket. Just this alone already creates a great vibe and makes a visit worth your while ... If you want to discover new jazz off the beaten track (and there is still loads to discover if you are open to it), then the Moers Festival is a good starting point. Good organisation, fantastic vibe. (Wouter Schenk, Written in Music, 08.06.2014)


Im Hörfunk:

LATE NIGHT JAZZ – 43rd moers festival, a retrospective

In the foreword to this year's moers festival – the 43rd  - artistic director Reiner Michalke promised it would be a "milestone in the festival's history". This promise was kept by the  mere fact of its relocation from the big top to the new festival hall. Whether or not the festival hall kept its promises to the same extent as the four-day programme of music is the subject of discussion between Ulf Drechsel and Wolf Kampmann.

Kulturradio RBB So 15.06.2014 23:04 - midnight


Interplanetary harmony

The Moers Festival is one of the institutions of the jazz scene. It took place this year in a brand new festival hall, and paid tribute to the jazz pioneer Sun Ra. The rest of the programme embraced a fusion of pop, jazz and electroacoustic experiments. [...] There was one musician on whom everyone could agree – the saxophonist Colin Stetson, who appeared together with the violinist Sarah Neufeld. If there was one single concert which illustrated how broadly the term jazz is now understood in Moers and how close the concerts have come to being pop performances, this was it. [...] This was improvisation mixed with feelings. It was Sarah Neufeld and Colin Stetson, then, who in 2014 pointed the audience of the Moers Festival in the direction of the 21st century.  

Christian Werthschulte, Deutschlandfunk, 09.06.2014


The Moers Festival from its new venue

Sabine Fallenstein talks to SWR2 jazz correspondent Günther Huesmann.

Taken from Tuesday's SWR2 Cluster, 10.6. | 3.05 pm | SWR2


43rd Moers Festival 2014 live

This Moers Festival really is worthy of attention. Not only is it returning to its usual four-day format, it boasts, for the first time ever, a permanent roof over its head thanks to its relocation into an expertly converted tennis hall.  Moderated by Michael Rüsenberg, edited by Bernd Hoffmann

WDR 3 concert - 07.06.2014



Thank you!

With four days of moers festival behind us, all our fears have proved unfounded and all our hopes and expectations exceeded by miles. The new festival hall? Great sound, a great view of the stage (wherever you happened to be sitting) and a great atmosphere, earning it unanimous and unreserved approval from musicians, audience and organisers alike.  The audience? The best, most adventurous and most enthusiastic in the world. All that remains for us to do is to say a huge thank you and to settle down and enjoy the last day of the festival with you. Oh yes, and looking forward briefly to next year, we'd like to mention that the moers festival 2015 will take place from 22nd - 25th May. Save the date!


Day three!

The main programme today is being opened by the Improviser in Residence, pianist Julia Hülsmann, at 3 pm in the festival hall. Joining her are the New York-based singer Theo Bleckmann, saxophonist Hayden Chisholm and drummer Moritz Baumgärtner.  

Please note: the start times for the second part of the evening programme have changed! The Gravity Band with Fred Frith will start at 7:30 pm, Arto Lindsay & Paal Nilssen-Love at 8:45 pm and Letieres Leite & Orkestra Rumpilezz at 10:00 pm.



The Sun Ra Arkestra has landed!

Sun Ra is back on the planet Mars, but the Sun Ra Arkestra continues to shine, closing Saturday's programme under Marshall Allen, one of the original musicians who was on the stage that fateful day in 1979 when the group appeared in Moers for the first time. See our photo gallery for pictures not only from tonight's concert but from the rest of the main programme. 


What a start!

And what a star the new festival hall was, outshining almost everything else. The sound was crystal clear, the atmosphere amazing and the view of the stage unimpeded. This and more led to resounding approval from the audience, musicians and numerous international journalists alike. A festival director from Tampere, Finland, said it was the best concert hall he'd ever seen.  

Our photo gallery now contains some initial pictures from yesterday's concerts, while the first episode of "Behind the scenes", a backstage glimpse of the moers festival, is also online. Check them out!


Starting signal for the new festival hall!

Sebastian Gramss' BASSMASSE is opening the 43. moers festival - the first of plenty of concerts ever in the new festival hall!
For tonight we also have "Marc Ribot", "Han Bennink & Oscar Jan Hoogland", the "Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana" for you as well as our first "night session" with "Benny Greb's Moving Parts". We are looking forward to seeing you!


Just a matter of hours ...

There are just a few hours to go until this year's moers festival opens tonight at 7 pm, and we're madly looking forward to four sunny days of music - and to the fact that you'll be joining us. All those who attended the packed Open House party yesterday already know how fantastic the new festival hall is. For everyone else it will be a wonderful surprise!

All the concerts from the main programme will be streamed live on our website and via arte TV. But as nothing can beat being there in person, it's time to get a move on to the festival hall!


The countdown's on:

Tomorrow sees the start of the 43rd moers festival, and the first in the new Solimare festival hall. We can't wait to see you! Anyone who's in Moers already today (thursday) is warmly invited to the "Open House" housewarming party in the festival hall tonight at 7 pm and to the last concert of our "Night Voices" series in the portacabin on Neumarkt tonight at 9:45 pm. Also don't miss the final concert of the Sound Orchestra project which is taking place tomorrow (friday) afternoon at 3.30 pm. And then: bring on the moers festival 2014 with four days of sunshine!

Our latest newsletter with more information on topics like "Moerser Morgen", "night sessions" or "tickets" you find here.


Festival hall now finished!

With the festival just days away, work on the new festival hall is (almost) completely finished. The stage is ready, all the seating is in, the mirrors are on the walls in the foyer and the counters have been set up. All that remains to do over the next two days are the final tweaks to the sound and lighting systems, and a good cleanup. Come and see for yourself how well the new venue has turned out!

Our latest newsletter with more information on the craft market, camping and parking, new features as well as infos on interval music and tickets you find here.


avant moers - Night voices ("Nachtstimmen") 2014

A quiet highlight of every moers festival is the concert series "Night Voices", held at sunset every day in the week leading up to the festival. In the intimate setting of a portacabin in the centre of Moers, the audience is treated to some of the best voices currently to be heard in a number of different musical languages. The first voice this year belongs to the multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Tara Jane O'Neil from Portland/Oregon, whose latest album brilliantly balances folk, subtle psychedelic and drone. Other guests include the British dancer, poet and improviser Julyen Hamilton, appearing with the trumpeter Richard Koch, the gifted Berlin-based vocalist Almut Kühne, appearing with the butoh dancer Makiko Tominaga, and the Italian composer and performance artist Alessandro Bosetti. Curator is Thomas Gläßer.

For programme details see:

See also our avant-moers Newsletter with more infos on "mini moers" and "Klangorchester" here.


Sarah Neufeld & Colin Stetson

There's been another late confirmation for this year's festival in the form of two very special musicians who not long ago made their sensational debut as a duo at the Victoriaville Festival in Canada. Sarah Neufeld and Colin Stetson will open the "night sessions 2.0" on the Sunday of the festival (8th June), starting around midnight. The duo - who are the best thing this author has heard in a long time - are only able to appear thanks to the fact that Arcade Fire, the band with which Sarah Neufeld is currently touring Europe, are having a day off on Whit Sunday. And Colin Stetson has declared himself willing to travel all the way from Montreal to Moers for just this one concert. Admission on Whit Sunday is free after midnight! More information you find here.

Click here to read our newsletter, which this week contains links to two new feature texts about the Sun Ra Arkestra and Fred Frith, also a link to a new video of Sjur Miljeteig.


Video interview with Fred Frith

We've now added two new videos to the website. The one being a glimpse into the preparations being made for the concert by Sebastian Gramss' BASMASSE you find here. We also sent one of our team to the Victoriaville Festival where Fred Frith can be seen getting ready for his performance with "Gravity". Click here to share in his greetings from Eastern Canada.

Click here to see our latest newsletter, which also contains information about the building work's final phase and about our latest two artist features.


Open House: get to know the new festival hall!

The new festival hall finally opens its doors on the Thursday before the festival! To celebrate, we're holding an "open house 2014" featuring artists and bands from Moers and the surrounding area which as well as promising to be a great party offers the perfect opportunity to get to know the venue before the festival starts. Tickets are free - for more information click here.

The craft market also starts on 5th June, and the new Solimare campsite and caravan parking area will be open from then.


Just confirmed: "night session 2.0" with Tim Hecker / Greg Haines

Thanks to the new festival hall we are proud to be able to present on Sunday at midnight the Canadian Tim Hecker and the Briton Greg Haines. We're looking forward to entering the unique sound worlds created by these solo artists as they combine electronic, sound art, ambient und minimal music. More information about the artists can be found here. Click here to see our latest news letter, which also contains information about our series of artist features, a call for volunteers and the the next Improviser in Residence event.


Start of our series of artist features: none for all and all for none!

We are starting our weekly series of features on the various artists who will provide the music at this year's festival. The first weeks' articles look at the three guitarists Fred Frith, Marc Ribot and Arto Lindsay who, from the 1980s onwards, have made extremely significant contributions - both joint and individual - to the development of the jazz guitar.

Ralf Dombrowski and Wolf Kampmann exchange views on what these three guitar pioneers have in common – and what sets each of them apart. Read today in part one how it all began and how the scene came into being. To go to this week's feature, click here.

See our latest newsletter, which also contains "moers festival 2014 interval music as ring tone", news on "tickets" and upcoming dates with the Improviser in Residence.


Greetings from New York City

For this year’s moers festival, we have collected greeting messages from New York City for you!

Some of the artists have taken to the media to send you a brief greeting well before the event. Watch and find out what the likes of Ava Mendoza, Marshall Allen of Sun Ra Arkestra and Josh Sinton of Ideal Bread have to say. Watch the video here.



"nimm!" has now become the "avant-moers festival"

"nimm!" has now become the "avant-moers festival", ensuring with its new look and a host of new ideas that the creative spirit of improvised music fills the town all year round and not just at Whitsun.

Take a look for yourself at the latest developments and find out about upcoming events – including those involving our Improviser in Residence Julia Hülsmann:
(Sorry, only in German!)

"Check out our latest newsletter, which also contains an update on upcoming dates with the Improviser in Residence and a preview of the programme flyer 2014.


The fringe programme

The fringe programme for this year's moers festival has now been officially revealed! As ever, the main programme will be complemented by a series of "morning sessions", "night sessions" and "concerts in the dark" - for details and photos, click here or see our latest newsletter, which also contains upcoming dates with the Improviser in Residence and the chance to give us your feedback on the need for a shuttle service and a communal tent.


The fringe programme

The fringe programme for this year's festival, which, as always, will consist of "morning sessions", "night sessions" and "concerts in the dark", is set to be revealed next week. Watch this space!

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Programme press conference

If you want to hear more about the moers festival 2014 you can listen to the programme press conference which took place on 6 March. To read the latest festival newsletter containing information about advance ticket sales, click here.


The programme is out!

The main programme is now out – to find out more, go to "Programme". Texts and photos can be found under "Press", and our artistic director has even created a video trailer as a little taster of this year's festival. Enjoy!


Behind the scenes

Han Bennink

"Das letzte Mal habe ich hier beim moers festival im Zelt gespielt, da hat es gewittert und es stank nach Pferd. Das mochte ich sehr.

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