The EJN award goes to … us!

Today, the Europe Jazz Network (EJN) announced the winner of the EJN Award for Adventurous Programming: The 2015 EJN Award goes to moers festival! A comment from the Award Jury about their unanimous decision: “The EJN Award is for ‘adventurous programming’ ... for over forty years the Moers Festival has indeed been one of the most adventurous music events in Europe in the field of improvisation, jazz and related styles.” ... "EJN is a European association of producers, presenters and supporting organisations who specialise in creative music, contemporary jazz and improvised music. Each year EJN awards a European presenter of jazz music who exemplifies the values of EJN, and skilfully succeeds to create modern, visionary and fascinating programmes for their audiences."

We are really happy!

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How we create the festival program

For the first time, artistic director Reiner Michalke gives us detailed insight into his job as the festival’s curator. This weekend we will publish his contribution on our festival blog.

Today, we start Wolf Kampmann’s three-piece article ‘Hide & Seek’ about the disappearance of American jazz off German stages. We look forward to your comments about any of the blog items!
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More details can be found in our current newsletter.


Our Blog rules!

Our festival blog keeps on growing. No less than both our residential artists Hayden Chisholm and Martin Longley keep up their blogging. New is the video of a brief interview with composer and big band leader Sara McDonald.

Merely six weeks are left before the festival starts! Those who still require a festival ticket or a day ticket can snap one up here.

Click here for more news concerning moers festival and dates for the 'Improviser in Residence'.


Fringe programme

This year, we again feature the ‘morning sessions’ and the ‘night sessions' @ the Moers club 'Die Röhre’. With the ‘morning sessions’, curator Jan Klare sets the scene for an informal microcosm where musicians from the main programme get together for a musical adventure. Whereas the midnight hour on festival days brings on the ‘night sessions’ with 'High Voltage’: Three highly energetic bands play around with the fundamental interaction between improvisation and composition at the club “Die Röhre”. Curator is John-Dennis Renken.
Further information can be found here and in our newsletter. Not to forget the moers festival blog!


moers festival blog

Today, our brand-new moers festival blog went live. This is where we will irregularly post background information, news and trivia concerning the moers festival in May.
We will kick off with an article by the British journalist Martin Longley who interviewed our ‘Artist in Residence’ Colin Stetson. Go to blog.

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This Year’s Line-Up!

Eagerly anticipated and now released: This afternoon we presented the main programme for the upcoming festival at the press conference.

Detailed information about the programme, plus photos of all artistes and/or bands performing at the festival hall in Moers on the Whitsun weekeend from May 22nd to May 25th 2015 can be found at our website.

The programme can be found here.


Chat link to programme press conference

Today the programme of this year's moers festival will be presented: our press conference is to take place today at midday.

Live-audio-stream and Chat


2015 programme release - press conference

Next week Thursday, March 5th, 12 am, we will present the main programme for this year's moers festival at the press conference in Moers. There will be a live audio stream on our website for all those who cannot be present in person. As of 12 am, you can join the press conference and ask questions during the live chat right here. Exciting artists, you will see!

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moers festival poster 2015

This year's poster theme: A cheeky mouse, peeping around the corner. It’s part of a large mural which was created in June 2013 as part of the George Town Festival on the island of Penang, Malaysia. The mouse ridicules a large orange-coloured cat which a Malay street artist uses to call for the protection of stray animals. The creator of the mouse, which is partly hiding in the shade, remains unknown.

Download the moers festival poster 2015 here. The current newsletter with concert dates for the 'Improviser in Residence' and the program release date can be found here.


Hayden Chisholm will be ’Improviser in Residence’ in Moers 2015

We are pleased to announce Hayden Chisholm as the 2015 ’Improviser in Residence’. Born 1975 in New Zealand, the profiled saxophone and clarinet player as well as composer will take over this task from Julia Hülsmann in Moers. The Hello/Goodbye concert on January 14th 2015 at the Festivalhalle Moers marks the handover with both improvisers present who have previously performed together at the moers festival 2014.

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