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Two thousand and twenty, twenny twenny, 2020 – and still here on the Lower Rhine...

All the things tiny Timmy once thought about how today’s world of tomorrow was supposed to look turned out to be a big pizza pie in the sky. Like Orwell, Kubrick or Hawking, moers festival is still sealed in a time capsule all its own, drifting somehow lost in space through that vastness that made Spinoza sing the blues. The approaching double date, with its markedly digital scent, hardly seems to concern the ragtag subversive band of longhaired visionaries, Utopian gnomes, soldiers of sonic fortune and geo-contortionists. Only the brooding and somewhat dubious smuggler qua starskipper at the control panel is haunted by the uneasy feeling that a new decade of rough-hewn alternative realities and adventurous forays could perhaps indeed still hold surprises on the other side of the next stylistic tear in the improvised continuum.

Under the mild fluorescence of the Moers moon, a radio message (analogue of course!) reaches the crew – between irregularly re-occurring bursts of interference, the short utterances reveal a wise, seasoned voice that sounds at once brave and a little disturbed (though sexy too as a result). “Miss Unimoers!” the contraband commander exclaims with relief, “Hey, nice to hear your voice again! Good to have you back...” “I was never gone,” the cockpit loudspeaker intones gently, about a minor third too high. “I’ll always be there...” Collective exultation erupts from the exhausted time capsule travellers, overflowing in joy and anticipation for home, at the prospect of soon revisiting their most cherished holy sites: the dreamspace centre Solimare, the Mare Bettenkampium, the wellness Eldorado “Schlossparkworld”, the particle accelerator at “Röhre”, the seedy cantina bar Bollwerk 107 or the moersified guerrilla shops in the narrow alleyways of the old town, with its outer space organ churches.

Alas, the thrill of anticipation is brought to an abrupt end, as Miss Unimoers barks: “Tacit!”. Silence descends on the capsule – the smuggler commander draws nervously on his digital cigarette. “I’ve seen a whole lot in my time, since 1972, heard a lot, lived a lot...” Reverent nodding in the cockpit, as Unimoers continues: “...and the benevolent moon above Moers shook its head often enough at me too.” Anxious crouched grins at the control lever and the 1/2" tape machine. “We are poised on the eve of a memorable event. Are you aware of this?” The gnomes and soldiers of fortune nod fervently – blushing slightly the commander ventures a guess: “You mean, uh... next year... should be, uh, really special again...?” “Yes, exactly. Make a real effort again, before...” But at this point the radio connection breaks off abruptly. Not a single intelligible syllable anywhere to be found in the ether. The communiqué has come to an end. Have to wait for the next incursion into the Mörzzer orbit at Whitsun 2020... Oh well.

Dear friends, fellow travellers and new conscripts!

Eves herald momentous events. The further story of the crew of the time capsule bobbing through genres and scenes and the mysterious Miss Unimoers will most likely first manifest and unfold on Whitsuntide weekend 2020 in the Festival Hall, Moerser Schlosspark and across the city...

The 49th edition of moers festival, taking place from 29 Mai to 1 June 2020, is just such an auspicious eve. An overture, an intro, so sensational that it would be odd if everything just remained the same afterwards.

Eves herald change.

Are we on the cusp of something, when we look at what’s going on politically in this country at the moment? Are we on the eve of something, when we look at the shape our range of free choice is in, or how capable we are of humanity, self-determination and humility?

Our Christmas hit, the Early Bird Ticket, will be available from 17:00 on 4 November, in a limited edition for 130.00 € or at a reduced rate of 65.00 € (including fees) at, as well as from a host of box offices and ticket services.

Well, I’m not yet at liberty to reveal too much – just this: Our team is currently busy boldly and passionately traversing the marginal seas of Ethiopia, meeting old friends in a Manhattan of bell bottoms, on the road in French corn fields, Chinese Indonesia, kinetic Electronia, jumping swiftly into 16th century campaigns and then, back and barely unpacked, launching new collaborations in our secret laboratories.

And one last lovely bit of news to see us out: our tickets prices will not be skyrocketing with us, but will instead remain at the same Lower Rhine low rates in 2020!

In this spirit, I would like to wish us all a harmonious end to a cacophonous decade,

Tim Isfort

Every year we offer moers festival fans and newcomers alike a chance to purchase a limited number of festival passes for the special low price of 130 € (reduced rate: 65 €). The Early Bird is now officially available from today! You can pick one up from a wide range of ticketing services as well as here.

Fly me to the moon... to Mars...? To Moers! The Early Bird is on! Catch it if you can!

Friday, 27 September 2019 | Entry 19.30 // Start 20.00 | pre sales: 10 € incl. fees // box office: 12 € | Die Röhre, Weygoldstr. 10, 47441 Moers

mœrs festival at the clubs presents: Satanique Samba Trio (BRA)

Satanique Samba Trio was formed in 2003 with the sole purpose of posing as an idiosyncratic force on the Brazilian musical landscape.?From samba to forró, from bossa nova to lambada, this Brasília-based quintet, sometimes sextet, has been adding virulence, dissonance and provocation to Brazil’s musical heritage since 2002. Their music is driven by a simple but fertile aesthetic guideline: the deconstruction of the most recurrent clichés of Brazilian folk music. This very attitude might explain their name: the word “Satan” is derived from the Hebrew term Ha-Satan, meaning “the accuser, the adversary”.?In other words, if you ever wanted to know how traditional Brazilian music would sound if it went infernal, Satanique Samba Trio is the fastest and coolest way to find it out

Wild, free and strong-willed – hand-picked, unexpected and transgressive.?mœrs festival has been confounding expectations when it comes to music since 1972 and stands as a promise of the untamed transformative potential that lies in waiting outside of the mainstream. Now, for its 48th annual edition, mœrs festival is demanding that we all “double our efforts!”

We’ve definitely doubled down where effort is concerned and there’s no doubt we won’t be giving you a festival that you emerge from sedated and totally sorted with all loose ends neatly tied. With our experiments, focal points, statements, prison breakers, pirates and companions, mœrs represents a steady and firm “on the contrary!” in a confusing world that urgently needs utopias and dreams.

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We are very happy to have won over the mexican vibraphonist and drummer Emilio Gordoa Rodriguez, an out-standing personality of the young contemporary improvised music scene, as new improviser in residence. Emilio Gordoa is a paradigm of the young generation of highly interesting improvisers, who make themselvesconspicuous through diversity in style and content and can look back on an excellent and broad musical education.

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