Fr, 21st May
8:51 PM - 10:46 PM

Am Viehtheater


07:45pm: entry
8:51pm: concert start
10:46pm: end

Will Guthrie & Ensemble Nist Nah

EA long search led the Australian percussionist Will Guthrie to the gamelan. The artist, who lives in Nantes, composes and improvises with his colleagues magical structures and constellations that reach far into the past, yet are distinctly modern. Fascinating how the various skin and metal instruments always produce new colors, inexhaustible, always precisely balanced soundscapes that immediately captivate the listener.

Will Guthrie - drums, percussion, gamelan, composition, conception and arrangements; Prune Bécheau - gamelan; Charles Dubois - gamelan; Thibault Florent - gamelan; Amélie Grould - gamelan; Mark Lockett - gamelan; Sven Michel - gamelan; Lucas Pizzini - gamelan; Arno Tukiman – gamelan

Decoy with Joe McPhee

Three masters of the current British improvisation scene have been forming the trio Decoy for several years. In the free flow of their playing, countless allusions to the jazz tradition flash up as well as alienations, almost electronic-sounding surfaces. Quiet, tonal passages tip unawares into energetic power play, even in the freest moments on the ground great black tradition. In May 2019, the Brits met saxophonist and trumpeter (!) Joe McPhee at London's legendary Café Oto - the beginning of an extraordinary friendship. McPhee's very unique playing, drawing deeply from the blues, is a perfect fit for the London trio.

Joe McPhee - pocket trumpet, sax; Alexander Hawkins - hammond B3 organ; John Edwards - b; Hamid Drake - dr, perc