Su, 23rd May
8:30 PM - 10:10 PM

Am Viehtheater

JOHN SCOFIELD SOLO Featuring John Scofield – Guitar (US)

7:10pm: entry
08:30pm: concert start
10:20pm: end

John Scofield

Perhaps the epitome of the jazz guitarist: John Scofield with his Ibanez Artist shaped the world of string artists at least as much as his colleagues Abercrombie, Metheny or Frisell. His sound, based on wind instrumentalists, his constant inside-outside playing, his elegant virtuosity became a model for whole generations. Actually a no-go that Scofield was only once in Moers! We make up for it a bit and ask him pure and solo on stage.

John Scofield - g

Sylvie Courvoiser Trio

Without a doubt, the Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier is one of the most interesting keyboard artists of our time. The permeability of her music is fascinating: behind almost atomized piano trio structures, allusions to the great European tradition from Ravel to Stockhausen flash up. The breathtaking interplay of her trio with Drew Gress and Joey Baron thrives on the precision of timbres, textures and energies. Truly modern jazz from 2021 at the highest level!

Sylvie Courvoiser - p; Drew Gress - p; Joey Baron - p