What makes Moers such a special place? In the following pages, our team of developers will take you behind the curtains at mœrs Lab and give you a look at the goings-on in our production workshops and factories. For almost five centuries now, the name Moers has stood for extraordinary methods and experiments, for activities that have gained international attention and wide admiration. The test results from our laboratories have above all proven that one can expect the unexpected in Moers!

We offer our product researchers and developers a space to pursue experimentation removed from the everyday pressures of success rates, market value or audience compatibility. They are free to probe the as-yet untested and ignore boundaries, secure in the conviction that any failure is always worth the try. The search for innovation and the never-before-heard leads directly through moers Lab. As our valued customer, you know that the ultimate outcome is a blend of world premieres, new presentations and unique encounters for you to experience at your leisure exclusively at our festival.

And there’s never been a world premiere quite like this one! Our organic produce box is unusual because it is entirely improvised. Ten carefully chosen producers provide you with a boundless mixture of the best products from nine different countries. Nowhere else will you be able to overcome language barriers, cultural differences and political difficulties as easily as you will within our selection of products. And all of that without sacrificing comfort!

Please note as well our new presentations this year, like for instance the innovative BETY game set, developed in a congenial international effort and featuring a novel combination of components. Our luxurious flight mile tracker is also among the brand-new gadgets favoured by the members of a jetset elite who divide their time between Trondheim and New York. And don’t forget to place an order for the patiently ripened “Third Eye Squeegee” cottage cheese we’ve produced in co-operation with our Dutch partners at Willem-Twee Studio and rising DIY dairy star Andrea Taeggi. This year’s trend: analogue is the new organic!

Our think tanks are responsible for the creation of valuable one-of-a-kind items, such as the exclusive 4-piece “Avantgarde” bust set or our tailor-made cruise to the Monk Islands with the MS moers abstractions for Ensemble Musikfabrik NRW and the WDR Big Band, who lobbied our developers for an opportunity to finally be permitted to leave their comfort zones behind.

The mœrs classics are also constantly evolving. For instance, this year our timeless chronometer is available as a special Mexican-designed “Emilio Gordoa” edition (offer valid until Christmas or while supplies last).

Our regular customers have been able to take advantage of our “moers sessions!” bonus point system since 2014. Our special offer to you in 2019: from 0 bonus points and up, you can win a front-row seat to witness festival musicians improvising collectively without rehearsal, preparation or safety net. If that’s not peak mœrs then we don’t know what is!

The moers Lab doesn’t offer you enough audio dynamite? We value your opinion! Since 2017, we’ve also not shied away from arguments at moers Lab either, welcoming debate on notions regarding jazz and the wider world, the meaning of home and culture, our poster and our overall staging tactics. We would be delighted if you would share your wishes and observations with us.

All of our employees would be grateful for any words of praise and very motivated to receive your points of constructive criticism and delegate them out of existence.

Your mœrs team