Iverson | Bode | Kis

Festival Hall
Begin: 18.05.2018, 19:57 o'clock


Recorder virtuoso Josephine Bode is improviser in residence in Moers in 2018. Every year a new improviser in residence comes to Moers to live and work for twelve months and forge a connection between moers festival and the city that is home to it. Josephine Bode is the 11th such improviser in residence to date. For their traditional appearance at moers festival in the year of their residency, the improvisers put together an exclusive project. For her turn, Josephine Bode has chosen to invite pianist Ethan Iverson and fellow recorder player Dodó Kis to join her.


The US-American pianist Ethan Iverson was a guest at the 2017 edition of moers festival with his trio The Bad Plus and also played additional concerts over the festival weekend. Josephine Bode and Ethan Iverson came together to perform at one of the moers sessions and Iverson was delighted to encounter the stylistic range of the recorder. Josephine Bode has collaborated with recorder player Dodó Kis for many years in various band projects in Amsterdam. Live on stage in the festival hall, the two will employ an arsenal of recorders of diverse sizes and tunings as they enter into a dialogue with Iverson’s piano which is sure to be characterised by a vibrant sonic palette.

line up:

Ethan Iverson – p

Josephine Bode – recorders, voc

Dodo Kis – recorders