Nate Wooley's Seven Storey Mountain

Festival Hall
Begin: 18.05.2018, 22:33 o'clock

Nate Wooley's Seven Storey Mountain (US / DE / AU / CH / SE / NO)

Trumpet player Nate Wooley comes from the New York jazz/improv/noise/avant-garde scene and is part of a movement devoted to revolutionising improvisation on the trumpet. Wooley aims to redefine the physical limits of the instrument and to help establish an alternative way of perceiving the trumpet. His style is characterised by a combination of noise and drone aesthetics, amplification featuring feedback and compositional precision.

Wooley’s Seven Storey Mountain is an epic song cycle, in which vibraphones produce walls of sound, brass passages resemble fanfare-like calls to battle and dramatic strings generate symphonic textures, all spurred on by the fiery playing of dual drummers. An ecstatic whirlwind of classical fragments, sound collage and free improvisation. Critics have hailed the ensemble’s music as a sort of modern take on the impressive dimensions present in the work of a Mahler or Bruckner.

line up:

Nate Wooley – ampl. tr 
C. Spencer Yeh – ampl. vl 
Samara Lubelski – ampl. vl 
Julien Depresz – eg 
Ryan Sawyer – dr 
Ben Hall – dr 
Emilio Gordoa – vib 
Steve Heather – vib 
Marc Unternahrer – tuba 
Chris Heenan – bcl 
Per Johansson – bcl 
Damir Bacikin – ptr 
Nils Ostendorf – tr 
Nikolaus Neuser – tr 
Matthias Mueller – tn 
Hilary Jeffrey – tn 
Matthias Muche – btn