Talibam! HARD VIBE featuring Matt Nelson & Ron Stabinsky

Festival Hall
Begin: 18.05.2018, 16:59 o'clock

Talibam! Hard Vibe œ Matt Nelson œ Ron Stabinsky (US)

A keyboard-drums duo with two guests on saxophone and Hammond organ morphs into a cosmic-modular jazz quartet that plays psycho jazz. Inspired by Herbie Hancock’s space sound of the 70s and long-form works of repetition like Miles Davis’ “On The Corner”, Hard Vibe exhibits a trans-minimalist impulse featuring an atypical range of structural obstacles.

Talibam! was featured at moers festival 2017 and will be joining us again in Moers to serve as our official “artists in resistance” for 2018.

line up:

Matt Mottel – key

Kevin Shea – dr 

Matt Nelson – tsax 

Ron Stabinsky – p