Bass Brothers

Begin: 21.05.2018, 15:15 o'clock

Bass Brothers (DE/ FR)


In Bass Brothers, two large-format denizens of the lower registers collide. German contrabassist Henning Sieverts and French tuba player Francois Thuillier exploit the full sonic potential their instruments have to offer: their sets range from energetic plucking and blowing, to plaintive bowing and subtle aspiration, to rousing percussive tones, crystalline bass harmonics and breath-taking tuba multiphonics. The cello, which Sieverts turns to from time to time instead of the contrabass, provides an additional appealing timbre. The music is surprisingly light on its feet and remarkably sensitive considering the low frequencies implied by the instrumentation. The musical moods here are diverse: accessible and groovy, soulfully bluesy, soaring and virtuosic, poetic and lyrical. In addition to performing their own compositions, Bass Brothers also play their own original low-end arrangements of several of Bela Bartok’s duets for two violins.



Henning Sieverts – kb, vc 

Francois Thuillier – tuba


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