Oxbow œ Peter Brötzmann

Festival Hall
Begin: 20.05.2018, 21:21 o'clock


Peter Brötzmann can be rightfully characterised as one of the impulse givers and intellectual fathers of moers festival since its very first days. Audiences will be able to experience Brötzmann in several different configurations in Moers. He will be performing with his long-time duo-partner Heather Leigh, playing a solo concert, having his say not only on the saxophone as a participant in the discussion! series and appearing in an exclusive Moers production with the band Oxbow.


The adventurous members of San Francisco’s Oxbow have been playing a mixture of blues, noise, avant-garde, free jazz, contemporary music and musique concrète since 1988. According to the band, the sentimental beginnings of Oxbow are the time before the time when everything went wrong and the last 16 hours of a great love affair. The band was created as an audible last will and testament of a failed humanity.

line up:

Eugene Robinson – voc 

Niko Wenner – g, key 

Dan Adams – b 

Greg Davis – dr