4-piece “Avant-garde” bust set: Marshall Allen / Rodrigo Brandão / Toshimaru Nakamura / Günter Baby Sommer

In this exclusive hand-made bust set, you’ll find iconoclastic masters of the avant-garde in a hitherto unseen configuration. Conceived as a delicate marble statue and carved by none other than Jürg Innendorf, the museum replica of the legendary cosmic saxophone commander Marshall Allen (born in 1924) is a fitting monument and singular collectors’ item for admirers of his improvisational art practice. The fearless and aggressive looking solid wood statue “Poet Rodrigo” is designed in a totally different fashion: furnished with myriad ornaments and meticulously painted in Brazilian turquoise, one can virtually hear the hand-carved and very politically crafted work from Andorra shout “Down with Bolsonaro!” into its tropica-microphone adorned with intricate mirror inlays. The high-frequency elegance of a Toshimaru Nakamura has a consistently plastic effect as a bronzed Nippon casting housed within an electronic coquina mixing board exterior without further input – no wonder considering that we are dealing with a masterful creation from the mind of Magnus Löpertz here. The exploratory bust set is rounded off by a brilliant unicum by Gerhart Liechtenfeld: the playful “Günter Baby Sommer” (with outstretched tongue) combines bronze, ivory, wood, skin and various animal hides in a spontaneous and energetic manner.

Whether as an inspiring art piece for your desk or camping tent at moers festival – this exclusive four-piece bust set is only available on 7 June 2019 in a super limited edition for a contemporary world premiere price.

Product details: Marshall Allen (as) Rodrigo Brandão (spoken word) Toshimaru Nakamura (elec) Günter Baby Sommer (dr)
Made in: USA, Brazil, Japan, Germany
Delivery date and address: 07 June, 18:30, Festival Hall
Price: starting at € 22,- (for holders of festival/day ticket)