Rodrigo Brandão slang dictionary

Street fight in São Paolo! Suddenly you find yourself wishing you’d spent more time with your Portuguese language learning app. Well, how to extricate yourself from the situation while maintaining your cool, your dignity and above all your pretty face now? Our red-hotRodrigo Brandão dictionary will help you out of any precarioussituation! In collaboration with his colleagues Guilherme Granado and Marcos Gerez, street worker Rodrigo has come up with a metro vocabulary guide that couldn’t be more up-to-date. No one has come closer! A masterpiece of urban communication that has moved reviewers to dust off earthy words of praise like “love” and “soul”.

Product details: Rodrigo Brandão (voc & verb) Guilherme Granado (love & elec) Marcos Gerez (synth & soul)
Made in: Brazil
Delivery date and address:  10 June, 18:35, Festival Village
Price: free