Private oceanic sauna installation: Solimare 2019

For those who crave something extra special, this year we are once again offering customers the chance to purchase our innovative oceanic sauna and poolscape, a water world to end all water worlds, right in the comfort of your own home. We’ve drawn inspiration for this unique Solimare from the loveliest lagoons Earth has to offer. Installation in your roomy ground floor is surprisingly straight-forward and you’ll find our experienced staff members are able to meet your every need swimmingly. However, it’s our extra-special bonus features that really put this soaking experience over the top!

Yegor Zabelov bathrobe valet stand

The fact that landlocked countries can also contribute to the vibrant field of pool and sauna accessory development is amply evident in the work currently emerging from the Belarusian metropolis of Minsk. Our PCMs (Producer´s Contact Managers) were particularly impressed by the Sjolawy Marian design agency – this eminent fixture in the Eastern European product design scene is focussed on seemingly simple things, realised however with great skill, virtuosity and variety. Take Marian’s newest hit for instance: the bathrobe valet stand, an ingeniously simple and useful idea, considering how hard it is to find a dependable hook for your elegant bathrobe in even the most luxurious of establishments these days. Incidentally, Marian named this unique article after his greatest influence, the melancholy Mongolian prince Yegor Zabelov, who was legendary for his extraordinary command of the accordion.

As if that weren’t enough: the valet stand’s integrated electronics open up a whole new world of potential applications!

Product details: Yegor Zabelov (acc, elec)
Made in: Belarus
Delivery date and address: 10 June, 19:30, Aktivbad Solimare
Price: starting at € 7,50 (for holders of Mörzz Ticket or festival/day ticket)