ANTON EGER Æ STRATOS Eurovisions retro colour television set

This European co-production is a statement. 4 product designers from 5 countries! In this age of digital inquisition, with plasma screens in every remaining dictatorship or pub with colourful windows, the ANTON EGER Æ STRATOS is a heart-warming, genre-denying mixture of vacuum tube technology, electronics and beautiful wood
For several years, the Æ was steadily developed by a team lead by virtuoso physicst ANTON EGER – now the elegantly crafted and highly complex device is available since Eldh 2019 in irregular sales rhythms. Irresistible thanks to its partially accelerating sequences of pictures and counterpoised sound and image crescendos, the Æ is an unpretentious innovator working away at your side in your living room. Using the Æ couldn’t be easier: by means of a handy dial on the side you can make adjustments to language, virtuosity and music; subtitles usually make do fine with only two letters a line here and the image format can be switched at will from mono- neon to good old Calvert 50 hertz technology and back. No digital choppiness, no constant fiddling around with updates, no superfluous input or output sockets, if you exclude the Broosthru on the back. And a simple press of the tasteful off button suffices when you’re just too janisched to zapp around anymore.

Product details: Matt Calvert (g) Niels Broos (keyb) Michael Janisch (b) Anton Eger (dr, leader)
Made in: Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA
Delivery date and address: 08 June, 22:45, Festival Village
Price: free