Damir Bacikin / Hayden Chisholm Quartet cultural travel guide “The Balkan Realbook”

Back in the 1910s, two full-blown Serbia specialists travelled deep into the Balkan backcountry, where they bagged the occasional jazz-footed rabbit, discovered old songs and musical treasures and let themselves be seduced by the dancing and grooving they encountered on their journey. Set to the cadence of an infinite 7/8 rhythm, their trek was a blur of vibrant improvisation, poetry and imbibing, until every last cultural editor at the German publishing house Krämer & Oetz could be heard singing along softly while checking proofs. With our new edition of this authentic travel guide “The Balkan Realbook”, now you too can follow in the footsteps of our authors Bacikin & Chisholm! Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’ve travelled back in time to travel alongside them...

Product details: Damir Bacikin (tp) Hayden Chisholm (as) Joscha Oetz (b) Achim Krämer (dr)
Made in: Serbia, New Zealand, Germany
Delivery date and address: 8 June, 19:20 and 20:50, Festival Village
Price: free