Wäldernacht coal stove from Untertagemusik No.3

You love the crackling of red-hot, glowing bituminous coals? Sitting cosily as that wonderful warmth pleasantly spreads to fill your living room? The well-formedWäldernacht coal stove makes dreams come true. All while being a breeze to install, thanks to the brilliantly conceived technical specs of high-end manufacturer Untertagemusik No.3! Just hook it up to a chimney inside your home or business and chilled extremities will be a thing of the past! You’ll never ever have to layer up inside your own four walls again. Your guests are Inuits from Greenland’s burgeoning film sector, you say? Then seize the chance to introduce them to that good old Ruhrpott gold! The stylishWäldernacht coal oven is available in six different colours, including black and white.

Product details: Frank Niehusmann (elec, e-dr) Jochen Balke (video)
Made in: Germany
Delivery date and address:08 June, 24:00, Altes Landratsamt
Price: starting at € 7,50 (for holders of Mörzz Ticket or festival/day ticket)