AKATEN party buffet

Thanks to the AKATEN party buffet, now you can treat your guests to an exquisite gorging without all the usual hassle!

Our catering team will attend to the use of scissors, zippers and plastics bottles so your guests have more time to stuff their faces, and the incorporation of everyday objects is included in the attractive price. Choose between our all-time classic buffet spreads (the “liberated palate” or the “experimental gourmand”) and delight your guests with maximum taste effect!

-      no added flavour enhancers

-      no added earnestness

-      no GMOs

Product details: Tatsuya Yoshida (zippers, scissors, voc) Atsushi Tsuyama (zippers, voc)
Made in: Japan
Delivery date and address: 09 June, 18:00, Festival Hall
Price: starting at € 35,- (for holders of festival/day ticket)