EX EYE”, 3-piece hunting set (consisting of hunting rifle, grizzly bear and extra-strength deodorant spray)

Do you want to find out what life is really all about and push yourself to the limit? To follow the smell of adventure naked from the waist up like a real man and spend up to 20 hours at a time on your feet like an event technician, almost to the point of being committed? Well, armed with “EX EYE”, you can stalk the creatures of the deep forest, push on into new, undiscovered, mysterious valleys, always on the move, drawn ever forward by the speed of heroic arpeggios, breathless, until infinitelycirculating garlands of metal and glass lead you to the set’s 3-metre-tall Stetson Grizzly. You scream in his face, whether out of fear or animalistic superiority Jah only knows. You keep hunting, until everything becomes denser at an accelerating pace and you yourself become one with earth, water, air and fire – without emitting as much as a single yodel. Then it’s time to pull the trigger – on the included “Bollwerk 107” luxury repeating rifle (a 09.06 calibre Blackoutsilencer available on request). A smooth put powerful piece of work, which you use to lay out the bear with extremely precise aim. On the way back home, you encounter lumberjacks and Inuit women. Around the campfire, you show them your new bear hide vest, which you’d pre-emptively doused with “Rapture”, the fragrance for men who live by their own rules. Life is good, real good.

Product details: Colin Stetson (bss) Toby Summerfield (g) Shahzad Ismaily (g, b, elec) Greg Fox (dr)
Jonas Verwijnen (sound design)
Made in:
North America
Delivery date and address:
  09 June, 24:00, Bollwerk 107
Price: starting at € 7,50 (for holders of Mörzz Ticket or festival/day ticket)