Cruise to the Monk Islands aboard the MS MOERS ABSTRACTIONS

Don’t forget to visit our travel agency in the basement, where we’ve always got a selection of new and unique options for you to embark on an unforgettable experience! Two top cruise-development teams have joined forces to bring you the fantastic MS MOERS ABSTRACTIONS, built according to specifications drawn up in the 1960s by engineer Gunther Schuller, in order to convey you to your dream destination: the fabulous Monk Islands in the shrouded Norwegian Sea! Put your trust in seasoned Captain Vince Mendoza, a cherished fixture on television and radio, and first mate Joshua Redman, as you set off on a journey that promises to provide totally new insights, oceanic emotions and the highest degree of on-board luxury known to man. For of course even way up North there’s no need to leave your comfort zone. All the elegance of a 5-star hotel between the snow-capped peaks of 11 imposing mountains? Only with us!

Product details: co-operation team Musikfabrik NRW and team WDR Big Band with first mate Joshua Redman (ts) and captain Vince Mendoza (cond, arr)

Specifications for team Musikfabrik NRW: Helen Bledsoe (fl) Peter Veale (ob) Carl Rosman (cl) Elise Jacoberger (fg) Christine Chapman (h) Hannah Weirich (v) Susanne Zapf (v) Axel Porath (va) Dirk Wietheger (vc) Rie Miyama Watanabe (dr)

Specifications for team WDR Big Band: Johan Hörlen (as) Karolina Strassmayer (as) Olivier Peters (ts) Paul Heller (ts) Jens Neufang (bs) Wim Both (tp) Andreas Haderer (tp) Rob Bruynen (tp) Ruud Breuls (tp) Ludwig Nuss (tb) Raphael Klemm (tb) Andy Hunter (tb) Mattis Cederberg (btb) John Goldsby (b) Hans Dekker (dr) 

Made in: Germany, USA
Delivery date and address:09 June, 15:45, Festival Hall
Price: starting at € 35,- (for holders of festival/day ticket)

Made possible by the Kunststiftung NRW