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Since 1997, the moers festival has been committed to achieving the greatest possible accessibility.

Männchen mit Blindenstock

Services for Visually Impaired Individuals

Our awareness team is specifically briefed on the concerns of blind people and people with visual impairments before the festival. If you have a need during the festival, please feel free to contact our awareness team. We can be reached by phone as well as via WhatsApp at the following number: 01575-3202317. Additionally, you can always come to our information and awareness booth at Rodelberg. We look forward to meeting you.

We work together with the Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein für Moers und Umgebung e. V. (Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired for Moers and the surrounding area e.V.) During the festival, there will be an information booth of the association, which you can use as a point of contact. With the association and an affected person, we also conduct a site inspection before the festival to identify potential barriers in advance and deal with them.

Moreover, we are currently in the process of making our website accessible. If you notice anything we can improve, please contact us at


Accompanying Service Dogs

Assistance and guide dogs are warmly welcome at our event. Our team at the entrances is informed and will help you find a spot that is best for you and your dog. In addition, we provide a water bowl for your four-legged companion at our 'Info and Awareness' booth.

Männchen im Rollstuhl mit Begleitperson


If you want to bring a companion free of charge due to a disability, you only need to show your disabled person's pass at the ticket office, and your companion will get free admission. The "B" indicator is not necessary. You only need one ticket for yourself (at a reduced price), which can be ordered directly through our online shop.

If you do not have proof of a disability or encounter any difficulties in booking tickets, you can contact us in advance at / 02841-367 367 5, so we can find a solution together.

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There is an awareness team available during the festival from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM to assist you.

Here’s how you can directly reach the awareness team:

By email:
By phone & WhatsApp: 01575-3202317
At the Info and Awareness booth at Rodelberg
We are here to help if a path is too steep or bumpy, you need to know where the nearest accessible toilet is, or you need assistance at a high drinks counter.

During the festival, you can recognize us by our green vests, and we look forward to you approaching us!

Männchen im Rollstuhl beim Duschen

Accessible Showers

We have a ground-level, roll-in shower in the swimming pool building for you. The shower has the following features:

  • Separate changing area
  • Foldable shower seat
Männchen im Rollstuhl an einer Haltestelle

Accessible Arrival by Public Transport and Car

You can reach the festival grounds largely barrier-free from the main train station using bus line 052. The bus stop at the festival grounds is called 'Freizeitpark'.

However, due to the absence of raised bus platforms, assistance might be needed. The bus stop does not have tactile paving systems.

For those arriving by car, we have provided 6 accessible parking spaces each at the music school (address: Filder Str. 126, 47447 Moers) and at the enni.eventhalle (address: Filder Str. 142, 47447 Moers).

If you need our assistance with your travel planning, you can contact us at any time.

Männchen im Rollstuhl auf dem WC

Accessible Restrooms

Accessible restrooms are located at the following positions on the festival grounds:

Outdoor (unheated containers):

  • On the meadow “Wo die Wilden Kinder Wohnen”
  • At the enni.eventhalle
  • At the stage "AmViehtheater" at Rodelberg (ticketed)

With the following features:

  • Revolving door
  • Right-hand grab bar
  • Sink with soap and disinfection (not wheelchair accessible)
  • Tilted mirror
  • Large trash can
  • Wheelchair-accessible changing table


  • Swimming pool (including shower)
  • Petting zoo (EU key required)
  • Enni.eventhalle (EU key required)

*The EU/Euro key fits more than 12,000 largely public toilets across Europe (motorway service stations, museums, authorities, event venues, etc.) and can be obtained with a disability degree of 70% or more.


Family-Friendly Environment

We offer a comprehensive and largely supervised program for children on the meadow 'Wo die Wilden Kinder Wohnen': a playmobile, numerous instrument workshops, interactive activities, story reading, and more.

For younger children, we recommend bringing Mickey Mouses (hearing protection) as some concerts can get quite loud.

As parents with disabilities, you can turn to our awareness team for support if needed.


Disabled Parking Space

We have provided 6 accessible parking spaces for you at the music school (address: Filder Str. 126, 47447 Moers) and at the enni.eventhalle (address: Filder Str. 142, 47447 Moers).


Disruptive Light Effects

Some shows feature dynamic light effects. If this poses a health issue for you, we ask you to take good care of yourself and to quickly approach our staff if you feel unwell. We hope for your understanding that light effects are a popular way of visually enhancing performances, and our influence on the artists' decisions is limited. Thank you!


Charging Station for Electric Wheelchairs

At the info tent infront of the Enni Eventhalle, we will provide you with a supervised charging station for your electric wheelchairs. Simply approach our team on-site, we are looking forward to meeting you.

zwei Personen (eine stellt beide Geschlechter dar, die andere sitzt im Rollstuhl) befinden sich unter zwei überdimensionalen Händen

Sensory-Friendly Environment

The Moers Festival is committed this year to increasing accessibility. Our aim is to make attending our festival as accessible as possible, thereby making it fairer. For this, we have and will continue to speak with experts in their own right to develop our festival in a needs-oriented and sustainable manner towards inclusivity.

Please feel free to share your on-site experiences with us:

Rollstuhlgerechte Umgebung

Wheelchair-Friendly Environment

The terrain is not wheelchair-friendly at all levels. Long distances, the rollability of the meadow areas, as well as some inclines/declines can pose problems. Therefore, we recommend bringing a free companion or contacting our awareness team for support, via phone & WhatsApp: 01575-3202317

There will be clearly visible signage for accessible infrastructure on site.

At the stages, there are no podiums, but there are ample spaces with good visibility for visitors with disabilities.


Services for Mobility Impaired Individuals

For the first time this year, we are cooperating with Radeln ohne Alter Neukirchen-Vluyn (roughly translated: Biking without age). Mobility impaired individuals now have the option to be driven by cycle rickshaw - either from enni.eventhalle to Rodelberg or the other way round. This offer goes for festival saturday and sunday; both of these days from 2pm up until 7pm.

If you have a need during the festival, please feel free to contact our awareness team. We can be reached by phone as well as via WhatsApp at the following number: 01575-3202317. Additionally, you can always come to our information and awareness booth at Rodelberg. We look forward to meeting you.


FLINTA* sanitary facilities

All toilet and shower facilities in the ticketed area, including the camping area, are divided into FLINTA* and men's facilities. In the FLINTA* showers, one shower is equipped with a shower curtain.

My questions were not answered in the FAQ. Who can I contact?

The Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband supports us with advice and assistance, and they are also available to answer your questions in advance. Please contact:
Andreas Fateh
Der Paritätische, Kreisgruppe Wesel
Phone: +49 2841-90000

You can reach the festival team at
Phone: +49 2841-367 367 5

The awareness team can be reached at the festival
by phone & WhatsApp: 01575-3202317
at the Info and Awareness booth at Rodelberg 

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