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The city of Moers has a town musician since 2008. The improviser in residence enriches and enlivens the cultural live in the city and the whole region, connects people, invites to mini concerts at his home, works with the Schlosstheater and of course presents one big project at the festival stage.  

Every improviser has the freedom to distinctively shape his one year residency and put his own mark on the city. Angelika Niescier rocked the club scene of Moers, Hayden Chisholm took a walk with a bag pipe and kilt down Steinstraße, Carolin Pook formed a youth orchestra, Simon Rummel founded singing groups and built instruments, Ingrid Laubrock invited her New York friends to the Lower Rhine, John-Dennis Renken enchanted with children's music and Josephine Bode with light installations… There is no limit to the improvisers fantasy and creativity. This results in an every year curiosity: the debut concert concert of the new artists is the highest frequented of the season!

The improviser in residence program is made possible with the generous support of Kunststiftung NRW, Stadt Moers and moers festival.

Kunststiftung NRW

The establishment of the Improviser in Residence is made possible by the Kunststiftung NRW.

Improviser in Residence 2024

Virginia Genta

Wohnzimmer. Rechts hockt eine weiße Frau mit braunem Zopf und bedient einen Laptop. Im Hintergrund sieht man eine Kommode, ein Gemälde, eine Pflanze und Musikboxen. Links an der Wand hängt eine buntes Tuch über einem Sofa.

Foto: moersfestival, Gabi Schweer




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