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Quick shuttle between stages? No problem!

Ein buntgemaltes Fahrrad, abgestellt. Im Hintergrund ist reges Treiben auf dem Festivaldorf zu sehen.
On the ride with bicycles - Photo credit: Inga Klamert

Huge, extensive and a lot of space for stages, booths and happenings: Our festival ground appears to be made to reach 10.000 steps a day within the blink of an eye. For those who think that's too much, it's possible to make use of a moersbike. Our rental station is located just next to Moers train station ("Radstation"). Those who arrive at Moers by public transport or have limited mobility will have priority in the distribution. Please send us a short email to indicating your use of public transport or other reasons and we will reserve a moersbike for you.


The history of the up cycling bicycle project aka. moersbikes

In collaboration with Moers schools and kindergartens, during events in the city center, and with the help of creative artists, we have adorned old donated bicycles with colorful designs in the Moers style: our moersbikes bicycle fleet!

The project was initiated by Volksbank Niederrhein and the Marschmann Group and is supported by the moersfriends association. 
Further supporters are the “mobile Fahrradwerkstatt Duisburg” and the newest addition the Radstation Moers.

The moersbikes are also lent out for other cultural events in and around Moers - get in touch if you are interested to collaborate:

There's a bike-option for Mobility Impaired Individuals, too!

Radeln ohne Alter Neukirchen-Vluyn (roughly translated: Biking without age) voluntarily offers cycle rickshaw rides for all individuals that are mobility impaired and live in Neukirchen-Vluyn. The offer is also dedicated to residents of senior facilities and residencies for individuals with impairments, no matter their age.

On Saturday and Sunday during the festival, individuals that are in need of such a service can - through the lovely support of Radeln ohne Alter - be driven from enni.eventhalle to Rodelberg or the other way round by cycle rickshaw. You'll find more information under "Accessibility".

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When you arrive:

The festival grounds encompass three central venues and have their entrance at the enni.eventhalle.

At the enni.eventhalle, you will exchange your festival tickets for admission wristbands – and off you go!

Ticket Sales and Distribution of Festival Wristbands

Filder Str. 142, 47447 Moers

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