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moers festival at the clubs presents: Ernie Brooks (Modern Lovers), Matt Mottel (Talibam!) und Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) & Emilio Gordoa (improviser in residence 2019).

Date: 6  February 2019 von 20:00 bis 22:00
Event venue: Die Röhre, Weygoldstraße 10, 47441 Moers
19.30 Uhr
Pre sales: 10€ inkl. Gebühren / Box office: 12€


We are very happy to have won over the mexican vibraphonist and drummer Emilio Gordoa Rodriguez, an outstanding personality of the young contemporary improvised music scene, as new improviser in residence.

Emilio Gordoa is a paradigm of the young generation of highly interesting improvisers, who make themselves conspicuous through diversity in style and content and can look back on an excellent and broad musical education.

Emilio Gordoa was born in Mexico City in 1987. He comes from a family of artists. His father is a musician and his mother a painter. Emilio perceives this family background as important for his numerous artistic interests and ideas.




The improviser in residence 2019 will be introduced.

The improviser in residence at moers festival has been established since 2008. A significant and important personality of the international Jazz and improvised music scene enhances Moers with numerous projects, concerts and his/her presence in a small house near the Kastell for one year. Josephine Bode from Amsterdam has been living there since January 2018 and now hands over to her successor. 

Who it will be remains a secret. Tim Isfort, artistic director of moers festival will reveal the secret only shortly before the handover concert.

„But we can already tell you that it will be an interesting musician outside every expectation.“ It is Isforts aim to surprise and avoid stereotypes choosing the improviser.   The nomination of Josephine Bode led to irritation due to her being a studied recorder player and performance artist. „We see ourself as a festival with a horizon that is lot broader than just „Jazz“ in its various ways. The choice of the improviser will reflect this.“

But just like Bode took the hearts of the audience by storm with her charismatic genuineness, we can be looking forward to an interesting choice for her successor.

The both already agreed on an intimate duo concert to highlight their art in all its shapes.

The concert will take place at Aula Gymnasium Filder Benden on January 12th. Start is at 20.00, admission is free. Donations are welcome.

From December 1st, 2018 the Early Bird Ticket formœrs festival 2019 is available!

There are many good reasons to come to Moers for the Whitsun weekend. High-class international musicians will be playing at the Festivalhall, Downtown, in the park and at various other locations. For four days evolvement, experiment and boundless art will make Moers the venue for the volatile.

People who buy “the early bird” can make a catch on this limited offer. The Early Bird Ticket is available for € 130,- (discounted € 65,-). All prices are made transparent as final prices and come without hidden or additional fees. However, the exact program of mœrs festival 2019 is currently still a secret.


Today mœrs festival received wonderful news from Berlin: The federal government will fund the mœrs festival with a yearly amount of 250.000 € and with 400.000 € for the 50th anniversary edition in 2021. The funding in the amount of 150.000 € limited to three years originally should have ended in 2019. Kerstin Radomski (Christian Democratic Union), member of the appropriations committee and directly elected member of the German parliament for the constituency of Moers as well as her predecessor Siegmund Ehrmann (Social Democratic Party of Germany) were very involved in the obtainment of the federal funding during the last weeks.


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mœrs festival to continue with Isfort


During the latest meeting of the supervisory committee, Moers Kultur Gmbh CEO Claus Arndt has been commissioned unanimously to negotiate with moers festivals current artistic director Tim Isfort about an extension of Isforts contract, expiring by the end of 2019. This proves to Tim Isfort, by now already in preparation for the 48th festival edition next year, that he has found the right way with the past two festivals ...

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