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We need your help!

At whitsun 2024 it's that time again: the 53rd moers festival will take place from May 17th to 20th 2024 in the festival hall and in the leisure park. And so that we can all celebrate together again and enjoy the festival, we need your help!

Volunteers ahead!

Be there and experience the festival from a whole new perspective: look behind the scenes, get the unique opportunity to talk to the musicians and experience the concerts for free.

Incidentally, there is a zero-euro day ticket for volunteers: work 1 day – celebrate 1 day, work 2 days – celebrate 2 days. The zero-euro ticket is valid for all venues of the moers festival 2023.

We need your support, for example, with setting up and dismantling the stages and infrastructure, in the backstage area, in looking after the artists, with catering, with the sale of merchandise, as an extra, with admission, with concerts and discussions, with errands and spontaneous actions.


Then simply fill out the sheet and send it to

If you´re younger than 18, we need a declaration of consent from your parents.



Telephone: +49(0)2841-3673675  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We would be very happy about your help!  

We´re looking forward to see you on Whisun!


How old do I have to be to become a volunteer?

Volunteers have to be at least 14 years old to be allowed to work in every area. Younger volunteers can also help in expectional cases (if you have further questions, send an email to All volunteers who are younger than 18 need a declaration of consent from their parents.

I´m already registered as a volunteer, do I need to bring anything to the festival?

You only need clothes that fit the weather. Much work is going to be outside and it can be quiet cold or rainy sometimes. Besides that, just bring fun and good vibes :) 

How do I contact you before and during the festival?

Before the festival: over e-mail ( or phone (+49 2841 3673675)

During the festival: over e-mail ( or phone (+49 1575 5063512)

Contact before and during the festival: Mara Frohreich

(Untill) When can I register as a volunteer?

You can register from January till the festival itself. Theoretically you can still register during the festival but planning wise it is best to register at least one week in advance.

Can I camp for free as a volunteer?

Yes you can camp for free on the camping ground.

Can I get a certificate for my work as a volunteer?

Yes you can get a certificate for your work. Simply send an e-mail to after the festival.

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