chronical moers

schwarz/weiß-Motiv zur Jubiläumsaustellung in der Innenstadt
Moers Festival throughout the city - Photo credit: Nils Brinkmeier

An international festival is a polyphonic orchestra of artists, visitors, organizers, helpers, but also of memories, anecdotes, emotions, reactions, and reviews. Especially when such a festival was founded by protagonists of the '68 revolt and is now attended by digital natives.

Anthropologist Dr. Kerstin Eckstein and her team have pursued these countless voices, archiving, editing, collecting, and organizing them.

The result is this online publication, a compendium covering half a century of improvisation, provocation, rejection, and loyalty, provincialism and openness to the world, and bold radicality.

The publication chronical moers is a continuing project. Each year an other ‘visit’ is added. 

Titelbild des Buches
Book cover


For the 50th jubilee of the moers festival the online publication was printed and published by Wolke Verlag.

An absolut MUST HAVE for every book collector. 


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