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moersland (VR)

Finally - we can fly!

rote Rose mit Stiel und Blatt.

Come into the moersland!

Here is the place where you can travel through time (motion and moving pictures of the last five festival decades), as an avatar you will be able to discover exclusive sound installations produced by artists performing at the festival or you take off and fly and enjoy the view of the sonic surrealistic landscape from above.  

The developer (Birgit Angele, FX Hecker and CAD Schroer) have constructed a 167 meter long and 110 meter high “festival elefant” into the void festival space - the elefant's memory is there for collecting fantasies, utopies and last but not least the place where you will find the @the same time concerts which are produced during the festival itself. @the same time is a project in which artists play on separated stages, hundreds of meters apart, in-ear monitoring so only they can hear each other,  oh no - wait (!) - now you are able to hear and see them too: Beam me up Scotty!

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