Lukas Ligeti: en même temps (AT, FR)

GYÖRGY LIGETI SPEZIAL 2023 Lukas Ligeti (comp) Guylaine Cosseron (voc) Jean-Sébastien Mariage (e-g) Jean-Luc Petit (ccl, sax) Gaël Mevel (vclo) Sophia Domancich (p) Amélie Grould (perc) Thierry Waziniak (dr, perc) Diemo Schwarz (elec)


@the same time:

In 2022, the new format @the_same_time was created in Moers, in which musicians play on two stages at the same time and with each other, but the audience only hears what they see live. A few hours later, the compilation of both parts of the concert can be experienced as a whole in the virtual reality moerslandVR. Lukas Ligeti composed the piece "en même temps" especially for this format, which he will work on with two quartets from Benjamin Duboc's 21-strong Parisian ensemble Icosikaihenagone. In real rain with virtual sunshine – dreamed up in colour in stereo from time.

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